青春警事 20 | Caught in The Heartbeat 20(焦俊豔、魏大勛等主演)

青春警事 20 | Caught in The Heartbeat 20(焦俊豔、魏大勛等主演)

…believes that the economic outlook has high uncertainty. The market predicts that the chance of an interest rate hike in March, June and September are lower than before the release of the report. My dear sister. Sis, you’re finally back! What’s wrong? Come in quickly. What’s going on? I finally found that person. Which person? The person that stood us up. Here, come quickly! I analyzed the IP and time she logged in and conducted a data screening. After that… Go on! Never mind. To conclude, I found out who she is. Look! This is her social media page. That’s her. You were right. It’s really a woman. I’ve even found her school. If she is really your secondary school classmate this should also be your alma mater. Wei Zhi School? How is it? Do you have an impression? I remember it. It’s not far from your workplace anyway. Should we go visit tomorrow? Sure. Great. Let’s go to sleep now and adjust our body clock. We’ll sleep at 11 o’clock tonight and wake up at 6 o’clock tomorrow morning. We can catch the students going to school and feel the students’ atmosphere. Maybe you’ll remember everything. Great. Hey Hey, Gu Jing Where are you? I… I overslept! You said we should feel the students’ atmosphere. I’m experiencing the students’ atmosphere. Go back to sleep. You don’t need to come. Hello? I will cure your strange illness. Hello, may I ask… Sorry to give you a fright. It’s alright. May I ask if you are here for somebody? Or are you a student’s parent? I came to school here before. I wanted to come to see today. I see. How is it? Has it changed a lot? Before, the gates opened to another direction. Really? I think I’ve seen you before. Hello? Hello. There’s a case. When can you come back? Okay. I’ll come at once. I’ll come again another day. Sure. Thank you. Gu Jing? Yes. Gu Jing. What’s going on? An elderly man living alone suddenly died at home. His daughter found his body and called the police. Was it a natural death? We cannot be sure now. Let’s go. He was facing that way. Also, about that… Hello. We are from the Nan Ao City Police Crime Squad. Please cooperate with us. Are you the first person to arrive at the scene? Yes. I am his daughter. Can you give us your identity card? We have to write it down. Your father normally lives alone? Yes. He has a strange disposition. He doesn’t like living with others. After my mother passed away he lived here alone. That… He was participating in hiking club. Every Sunday morning he will join it. He didn’t go this Sunday. He didn’t take leave too. The tutor called me so I was a bit worried. But today is Tuesday. Your father did not appear on Sunday. Why are you only reporting it to the police now? An elderly man did not attend a hiking activity. This is very easy to explain. Moreover, I have my own job. I am also very busy. I was on a business trip. I just came back last night. If you don’t believe what I said you can ask my assistant for evidence. Please be aware of your attitude. This is a reminder. Law firm? Senior partner? After you discovered your father’s body when you entered the house you directly called the police? The scene… Yes. I didn’t move anything. I have enough awareness. Although it’s a bit cruel to talk about my relative like that I think my father died naturally. You don’t need to waste your time. You really think for us. When I came in the door was locked normally. I said already that my father is a very strange man. Everything in his house has a fixed location. It’s been identical for ten years. If someone came in it’s impossible for me to not realize. But the windows were opened, right? This way you can deduce the approximate time of his death. Every night at 10 o’clock to 11 o’clock he opens the windows to ventilate. A financial program should be on the television. From 10 o’clock to 11 o’clock? He sleeps late for many years. It’s his habit. Every night, after 10 o’clock there will be less cars on the road. He thinks opening the windows at that time would prevent letting in too much dust. I said already he’s a very strange man. You should remember this. We will record every word you say. Please don’t worry about this. That would be great. I have to go to court in the afternoon. I have to go. If you need my father’s health records and his medication record I can ask my assistant to find them for you. As the victim’s relative your dispassionateness is very admirable. Dispassionateness comes from my occupation. My contacts are on the business card. Close the door when you leave. The smart lock will lock itself. I have to go to court this afternoon and my phone will not be turned on. If you have any problems contact me after 8 p.m.. Right Unless you have something very important I refuse to chat with you. I don’t want to be disturbed by you. Because this is meaningless. That Sun Ning is a really fierce person. I don’t know if she’s fierce. I just know she lied just now. What did she lie about? After she came she took away a certain object. She took an item and put it in her bag. Then why didn’t you point her out immediately? What’s the use of pointing it out? She won’t admit it or give us the item. We’ll just alert her. I hope it’s like what she said. Let’s not waste too much time on that woman. Old Zhang Summarize everything simply. Okay. Come in! I heard you were demoted recently. What demoted? I’m only not the team leader temporarily. How is it? Are the results out? I will wait until Officer Gu comes and report to her. You… Come in! Officer Gu, you’re here. Are the results out? It’s out. Although the victim is quite old and he also has some common illnesses of old people such a level of diseases is not his real reason of death. The true reason of his death is this. Think about the story of Snow White! What do you mean? He was poisoned? Look! Officer Gu is so clever. You’re right. He was poisoned to death. He was poisoned by potassium cyanide. We detected potassium cyanide in both the victim’s stomach’s residue and the specimen you brought back. On all the apples? No. The special thing is only on the apple he ate did we detect potassium cyanide. The people at the specimen room also found a pinprick on the remaining half of the apple. That means somebody gave him a poisonous apple on purpose. Like a witch. That means that during the time of the crime somebody else was there too. Old Zhang Since you are leading the investigation of this case I don’t need to worry. We must control the impact of this incident. Food poisoning is not a minor incident. If we cannot control the impact of the public opinion and lead to panic that won’t be ideal. Yes. I know. This is also what I’m worried about. Hello May I ask who you are? Gu Jing, you’re back! This is YouKe, my good friend. YouKe, it’s Gu Jing! YouKe! Why did you wear this shirt? Didn’t I put the clothes for you at your door? I don’t like that one. It’s alright. Let her wear it. YouKe I’m getting angry! Gu Jing Sorry. I didn’t check on her just now. I’ll tidy this up. It’s alright, it’s alright. I’ll tidy it up myself later. Actually, YouKe is not a bad person. She’s just a bit carefree. You don’t have many friends normally. It’s quite good to have someone to accompany you at home. You won’t be so bored. Gu Jing Actually, YouKe came to seek shelter here. She may have to live here for a few days. Okay. No problem. AZi! I’m hungry! I’ll go to cook. I’ll be quick! Stop! Gu Jing! Let’s order takeaway! Let’s eat. Slow down. Do your parents know you’re living at AZi’s? I’m of age. It’s none of her business. Her? Gu Jing I’ll explain to you later. YouKe, are you alright? You haven’t left? I put some clothes on my bed. Take them to dry-clean later. Sure. I’ll deliver them after I clean the house. I’ll also bring back the ones that are cleaned. How many days have YouKe not come back? It’s been three to four days. Why are you so slow when you work? It’s been half an hour and you haven’t packed them. I gave you your salary for nothing. Do you want to keep your job? Hello I want to ask if this plastic bag belongs to here. Yes. What’s the matter? We are from the Nan Ao City Police Crime Squad. We want to see your manager. My manager is over there. I’ll bring you there. How could this happen? Alright. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. When will you finish? I’ll come and find you. No, let’s not go to your place. Let’s find another place. Somebody is coming. I’ll talk to you later. Come in! Manager Wang These two officers came to find you. We are from the Nan Ao City Police Crime Squad. That’s impossible. All the fruits in our supermarket are directly transported here from the farm our company runs. All the proceedures are monitored strictly. How can there be poison? Really? Then can you tell us about your quality management system? Especially where it is easy for accidents to happen. These are commercial secrets. I’ve got nothing to tell. If you suspect us may I ask where’s the evidence? If you don’t have evidence but you criticize our supermarket like that, I can sue you for defamation. Now, we just want you to cooperate with our investigation. We’re not saying you already poisoned someone. Therefore, I also hope that you can calm down a bit. I don’t have to cooperate with your investigation. You found a packaging bag at his home and so this accident is related to our supermarket? Then may I ask if later after you left here I got a heart attack does that mean you poisoned me in my office? You… What you’re saying is ridiculous. What you’re saying is what’s ridiculous! I already said everybody else who bought the apples is safe. Why did they ended up in trouble? Right? Everyday, we sell so many apples. If you want me to cooperate with your investigation sure. Show me the legal documents and evidence. If you don’t have them I don’t allow this incident to have any relationship with our supermarket. Perfect timing. We were looking for you two. Let me introduce you. He is from the Hai Ou Si Law Firm. Liu Yi. You can also call me Louis. Hello. I am Gu Jing. Hello. All of Mr Sun’s movable and immovable properties and the shares he hold are estimated to worth 8.3 million. Mr Sun is also one of the important partners of our Hai Ou Si Law Firm. I never thought he’s so rich. I took over Mr Sun’s personal affairs five years ago. Although I didn’t have a lot of contact with him I can see that Mr Sun likes to keep a low profile. Doesn’t his daughter also own a law firm? Why is his property trust at your firm? I don’t know about that. They probably had a conflict. You came today for… It’s like this. These are the notarized documents at the time. The beneficiary is Zhao Ai? Who is Zhao Ai? She seems to be a woman fond of Mr Sun. A woman fond of him? I don’t know the details. I said already that I didn’t have a lot of contact with Mr Sun. But what makes me worried is that this amended will has never been mentioned by Mr Sun. You came to us to tell us that this will is real? We asked a specialist to check the hand-writing. It is really written by Mr Sun. But two weeks before the date of this will we also proceeded an amendment of Mr Sun’s personal inheritance. This is the amendment document. The beneficiary was Sun Ning. Yes. Mr Sun’s estate beneficiary has been his daughter Sun Ning all along. We just regularly amend on the particulars. Then… Then this Zhao Ai who came from nowhere has become a competitor for the inheritance! We are also troubled. According to the law wills that are not notarized are not valid documents. But if an notary was present or if there was a witness from a third party under special circumstances the situation would be different. But here it says here there is a witness. Yet this hand-writing is too scrawled. Have you met Zhao Ai? I’ve met her. This woman… How to say? You’ll know when you meet her. She’s irresistible. What does that mean? How should I tell you? She’s so kind and weak that you can’t do anything with her. So kind and weak that you can’t do anything with her? But, to conclude, I only decided to bring these wills to you police after I heard that Mr Sun Mou died unnaturally. First, I want to help the police’s investigation. Second, I also hope that we can get your conclusion and assist me with the problem of the distribution of Mr Sun Mou’s estate. Up to now We still can’t determine whether Sun Mou died of suicide or homicide. But you certainly gave us a new clue. If we need it we will contact you again. Okay. This is my business card. This are Zhao Ai’s contacts. You highly suspect Zhao Ai, am I right? She’s not suspicious. She’s mysterious. The victim is Sun Mou. He lives alone. He has a daughter called Sun Ning, who is a lawyer and also the person who reported the case. She speaks very carefully. Before, we conducted a routine interview with her. She introduced Sun Mou’s daily lives. We can see that she knows quite a lot about Sun Mou’s daily life. But there’s a problem. As the person who reported the case she said she never moved anything on the scene. But according to the traces of the dust on the scene she actually took away a certain object from the scene. If she’s hiding something, she’s certainly suspicious. Don’t give up investigating Sun Ning. Right What does the supermarket related to the apples say? The supermarket manager Wang ZhengDao is very cunning. We wanted to see the surveillance camera as part of our procedure but he said if we didn’t have evidence we would be defaming his supermarket’s reputation. He says we must find evidence that the apple came from their supermarket before he cooperates with our investigation. But with only the plastic bag of the supermarket we can’t prove any problem. Lawyer Liu, who just left, left us with a very important clue. What did the lawyer say? Although Sun Mou’s house is decorated very simply he is a super invisible rich with property worth 8.3 million. For the will his attorney Liu Yi says that he established two of them. One was for his daughter Sun Ning. The other one was for a lady who he was fond of but are not relatives Zhao Ai. These two wills are both established by Sun Mou. The hand-writing is not fake. Behind a will there are always conflicts of interest. Our case’s direction is getting clear. But I want to ask do you think this daughter Sun Ning knows about Zhao Ai’s existence? Your meaning is that Sun Ning felt Zhao Ai’s threat to her. 8.3 million is not a small sum. Nobody would want their own father to give such a big sum of money to a woman “he is fond of”. Since they are related to the inheritance I think you should go to visit Zhao Ai. I’ve been curious for a long time. What does this woman he is fond of looks like? What are you thinking about? I… Lawyer Liu Yi said this Zhao Ai is an irresistible woman. I just want to see how does an irresistible woman look like. I just received a message. It’s Zhao Ai’s identity information. She’s already 62 years old. I have nothing to serve you. I made these for fun when I had nothing to do. Please don’t be disgusted by them. Thank you. You’re too polite. That is… That’s the place old Sun normally sits at. Although asking like this is quite presumptuous I still want to ask what is your relationship with Sun Mou. He’s taking care of me. It’s been five to six years. Take care? Like couples? What you’re saying makes me embarrassed. You can see at this age I don’t have any income. So you’re saying that Sun Mou assists you financially. How did you know each other? I knew him 30 years ago. Five to six years ago someone introduced me to clean his house. That’s how we met again. My husband died early. We also didn’t have children. Now I’m getting old my health is not good. That’s why I take up some part-time jobs to maintain a living. From that time he began to take care of you? I knew it wasn’t good but he insisted on it. I never thought of taking anything from him. Then are you in love with each other At this age I really can’t say anything about love. Sorry. I… These few days I haven’t adjusted to it. You must be very upset. Yes. The day before yesterday, at noon, I even went to see him at his place. He was good as normal. Why could he suddenly… That day at noon? Yes. Everyday at noon I go to visit him. Except on weekends he goes to have fun with some young people. His daughter signed him up to that. Hello, Madam. I’ve packed your things. Please come again. Can I only find my daughter through the credit card information? If you don’t want me to spend money I can give these up. I don’t mean that. Come home with me, okay? I don’t want to go home with you. I have something to tell you. You can leave after I finish. Okay? Let’s go. On Monday Did you go to Sun Mou’s home? Monday? It was raining that day. The old injuries on my leg began to hurt. So I didn’t go. So you didn’t go or contact him? I texted him but he didn’t respond. Normally he doesn’t respond to the messages I sent too so I didn’t notice. I never thought that… At that time, he… Then how did you know Sun Mou passed away? On Tuesday I went to their home. I saw his daughter and the police. Then I heard his neighbors talk about it. You went on Tuesday? Then why didn’t you come in? You know my identity. Also, his daughter was there. It wasn’t very convenient. Sun Ning knows about you? She knows. But she has never seen me. I think she must be really against me. Although old Sun didn’t say it I can feel it. But I understand him. I never expected to meet his relatives or have any right. Old Sun was helping me. All I can do is to accompany him. I really thank him. He treated me cheap, useless accompanying as something very useful. Then do you know Sun Mou amended his will? Oh, yes. He gave me a file before. He said if something happened to him I should open it. Later, I opened it. A will was inside. Then you went to find Lawyer Liu Yi? No, no, no. Liu Yi came to find me. He said he received a copy. The original was always with me. I never took it out. Wait. I’ll bring it to you. No wonder Lawyer Liu Yi said Zhao Ai was an irresistible woman. You were there when your grandfather passed away. He was already dead when I got there. You did this? Why did you take this back? I’m preventing you from unnecessary trouble. What are you thinking all the time? When did you discover your grandfather? Why didn’t you tell me? Didn’t you do it? What did you say? Can you stop acting with me? I’m not a child. Sit down! Yours. Don’t you love money? Nobody’s taking them away from you anymore. I don’t want to be your daughter anymore anyway. Goodbye! YouKe! YouKe! YouKe, come back! This is the will. Can I take a look? Of course. Have you shown others this will? I’ve never mentioned it. Also, I will not accept this inheritance. I am not qualified. Last time when Lawyer Liu Yi came I already told him. That’s strange. Who sent this will to Lawyer Liu Yi’s? Also, he knows your address. Look. There’s a witness here. He should know. Have you seen the person who signed this? I don’t know him. I haven’t seen any of old Sun’s friends. Just now you said you don’t want this inheritance? I didn’t do anything for him. This inheritance belongs to his daughter and his granddaughter. Granddaughter? Her name is You Ke. She’s a poor child. I can see that she’s a good girl. You’re saying that you haven’t met Sun Ning but you’ve seen You Ke? Look. This is my only photograph with old Sun. She took it. That day was my birthday. That was my happiest day. With such great memories I’m already satisfied. YouKe? Where’s YouKe? She went for a walk. She hadn’t come back. What’s wrong? How much do you know about YouKe? Tell us everything you know. What’s the matter? Don’t be nervous. She’s the relative of the victim of one of our cases. That’s why we want to ask her some questions. How long have you known her? We met online. We’ve known for quite some time. I heard you say before she came to you for shelter, right? She always argues with her mother. She was chased out recently. She didn’t have money or anywhere to go. I’m not feeling very good recently and nobody’s with me so I asked her to come over. She was chased out? Since she was little her parents’ relationship weren’t very good. They always argued and always fought. That’s why her disposition is a bit weird. Normal people can’t get on well with her. I read what she wrote and chatted with her. Her childhood was quite a tragedy. I quite pity her. Has she talked to you about her family? Because the day she came here her grandfather was poisoned to death at his home. Do you know about that? No matter what relationship they were in they are a family after all. Her grandfather passed away and her mother reported it. How can she not know anything? She really didn’t tell me anything. You can also see that she’s not very upset. How about this? Try to contact her first. But don’t tell her anything. Just ask if she’s coming back tonight. Okay. I’ll go get my phone. Hey I am coming home tonight. I’ll go home for dinner. I’ll talk to you later. I’m hanging up. Bye. What are you doing? Wang Miao! Stand there! Don’t come to find me anymore. What do you mean? Ditching me? Let me tell you. Even if we break up, I am the one ditching you. Get it? Okay. Then you just ditched me. Are you insane? How dare you ditch me! I’m talking to you! Bastard! This is absolutely forged.

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  1. 感谢更新!
    虽然只是戏里面的角色, 但是真的觉得尤可很没教养,脾气差只是态度问题, 但是在别人家里随便翻东西就是素质问题了! 只是个人意见,不喜勿喷!😅

  2. 所以凶手是王渺?孙凝和超市经理和王渺串通好了一起杀死老爷爷?或者王渺和赵爱有什么关系?

  3. 尤可:别人跟我说话我不理,我在别人的卧室里乱翻东西,我随便穿别人的衣服,我满口胡言乱语,但,我是个好女孩。

  4. 如果有人敢乱翻我东西,我马上翻脸,骂髒话,轰他出去,敢翻我东西简直找死,可能会气到揍他

  5. 其实仔细斟酌有一句台词还是很有意味的,面对犹可的没礼貌,女室友说她是“随便”,女主的回答是“你平时也没什么朋友。。。”,说明女主是个心里门儿清,但心胸宽广感恩之人(以前破案女室友没少帮她)。


  6. 女儿说自然死亡,为什么要报警?逻辑不通啊,普通家庭自然死亡就会办理后事,而不是报警

  7. 尤可的没教养不只是在随便翻东西,在桌上吃菜不顾及别人感受抢着吃,买东西对店员冷漠不知道你好谢谢再见,葛优躺的坐姿 走路也晃来晃去的,不是童年不幸,是没受过基础教育。虽然是剧情需要,但是应该从其他角度演得更好吧

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