青春警事 14 | Caught in The Heartbeat 14(焦俊豔、魏大勛等主演)

青春警事 14 | Caught in The Heartbeat 14(焦俊豔、魏大勛等主演)

Look! We’ve found it! How can I give you the name list of the workers? We only have these few old workers. When there’s not enough manpower they bring their own assistants. They come today and leave tomorrow. Do you think I follow them and register them every day? This engine is obviously hidden there by someone. If you don’t cooperate with the investigation you are also a suspect. Am I afraid of you young folks? Who are you calling young folks? Fine We’ll expose everything you did. I helped you so much out of kindness and now you’re threatening me. I shouldn’t have done this. Don’t worry. We are clear with punishment and rewards. We won’t wrong you for half a bit. Think here. If you still don’t understand go back with us to think about it. What should we do now? We only have the engine but not the person who hid it. Our clues have ended. I have an idea. But we have to bet. We gave this factory owner a chance to do a deed of merit. But he won’t take it! He has such a big problem with his management. I think he’s feeling guilty. Anyway I think it’s good that that thing is here. This means that the suspect is here too. No, say, the eye witness that day is guarding the factory at the door in a car all day. Can the suspect run away? Their shift ends soon. It’s almost time. Let’s go meet with our people outside. Okay. Let’s wait for them at the door. Let’s go. We’re policemen! Why do you have to jump over a wall to leave work? No, I didn’t jump over the wall. It was quite difficult to find you. Liu Gan, is it? Come with us. Where are you bring me? Where? The police station. Let’s go! No I really don’t know anything. I just received the car. I don’t know anything. Why are you running away if you don’t know anything? No, when I heard you mention a murder I… really… I just got two thousand dollars. I haven’t even sold the engine. Don’t tell me these useless things. Let’s talk about the main point. Where and from who did you get the car? How did you contact him? Tell me these completely before you tell me the other things. I don’t know that person. That night… Yes, on the 23rd, at night on the 23rd, I just received my salary so I went drinking with my bros. Somebody called me. It was a woman. A woman? 23rd is the day before the murder. The day before the murder. It was a woman. The car was also delivered by her. What does she look like? What’s her name? Who did she come with? Tell me clearly. Calm down. Listen to me slowly. At night on the 23rd she called me and asked if I’d take in a car. I asked her who she was and how did she get my number and she said a friend gave it to her. She said she knew I take in cars. It’s not the first time you sold car components illegally, right? No, everybody does this. Also I have a big family. I only have so little salary. Others can do it. Why can’t I? Don’t talk to me about the others. I’ll ask you about this later. Tell me what did she say in the phone call! If you’re like this, I really don’t want to cooperate with you. I’m answering your questions and you’re picking on me, right? Do you think if you don’t tell us we can’t investigate on our own? You’re trying to get a commutation now. Get it? We’re helping you. You don’t know what’s going on at all. Tell me what did she say in the phone call. We know you’re not related to the criminal case. But we still hope you can cooperate with our investigation. Because your evidence is very important to us. Moreover, if it wasn’t for the murderer you won’t be involved in this case for nothing. Am I right? This girl is good at talking. You two don’t know how to make things work. You… You said that that woman called you. Do you still remember her telephone number? It was a landline. I can find it on my phone. She said at night on the 23rd she will deliver a car here. She asked if I’d take it in and asked me to find a place. Also I don’t receive these strange orders. But last month I lost quite a lot while gambling. So I said yes. So where did you meet up? At the door of the factory. She… Wait, no, why are you asking me everything? Don’t you have an eye witness? If you didn’t follow me ever since I entered the dismantlement factory how could you know there’s an eye witness? You’re scamming me! You’re just feeling guilty. We just said it casually and you ran away at the back door. Did that woman drive the car here herself? How old is she? What does she look like? I think she’s not young. Maybe around forty years old. She’s not tall and she’s quite thin. Once the car came she put down the key and left immediately. I didn’t see how did she look like. Later I drove the car into the factory. I dismantled a few big components overnight and sold everything I could. I have one more question. The engine is worth a lot of money. Why didn’t you sell it? This was so strange. And think, even the license plate was removed. I think it didn’t come from a good source. I want to be more careful and only sell it after a while. Then after she gave you the car how did she leave? Did somebody pick her up? I don’t know about this. I was afraid somebody would witness this so I immediately drove the car into the factory. No That’s all I know. Later, when the police came only then I knew this was a big deal. You have to prove for me. I am really not related to any murders. At home if my wife and child don’t have me what will they do? Now you know the problem’s serious? You should know that earlier. This is Liu Gan’s phone records. A landline called him. It’s a plug-in public telephone. When he said it was a landline I guessed it was a public telephone. Then we can only try our luck. See if we can find any surveillance cameras near the scene. Liu Gan’s words not only prove the existence of an accomplice it also proves that the entire case had been planned for a long time in detail. That’s why our initial judgement is not wrong. This is exactly a well-planned murder. It’s only that looking at it now it’s not committed by the organizers. I’m getting confused. How can Xiao Xue, at such a young age, with a freelance job, which is so stable, with no criminal record or litigation record, have so many enemies? It should be here. You’re right. It’s here. How about this? We’ll split up and search for surveillance cameras nearby. Let’s meet here in an hour. Okay. Hey, how is it? You’ve found it? Look! It’s exactly like Liu Gan said. We are very lucky. The photo is very clear. Has Ke JiaMing sent you Zhang JunGuang’s information? It’s here. He’s divorced without any children. His household is registered in QingCheng. In his earliest household register he has a brother called Zhang JunMing. But he moved out twenty years ago. QingCheng? Zhou Yong served his sentence also at QingCheng. She died a week ago. Her reason of death is a heavy blow at her head causing intracranial haemorrhage. Actually I saw her run onto the wrong road. When I first saw the route I discovered an old path. There was a man running on the path. She was right behind number 33. Number 33 ran into the crossroad and she followed. Before the competition, didn’t we bring everyone to learn about the route and the grounds? Xiao Xue can write with her left hand and her right hand. In other words she can not only write with her left hand or her right hand. What did you say? On Xiao Xue’s computer table the mouse is on the right of the computer but the pen is on the left of her notebook. On the open notebook she writes the right half first habitually. These kind of people normally cannot distinguish left and right. She can’t tell left or right? Is this important? Do you remember that crossroad? The big road and the small path looks identical at the beginning. Even if Xiao Xue familiarized herself with the grounds before, but she can’t tell left and right that’s why if somebody leads the way in front of her, she will not realize that she ran onto the wrong direction. You’re saying that somebody deliberately led her onto the path? This isn’t quite possible. Most people will still run onto the right road. Why will she follow one person onto the wrong path? Then what if there’s more than one person leading her onto the small path? More than one person? The person with the time closest to Xiao Xue is Zhou Yong. The others we do not know. If Zhou Yong, Wang Ning and Zhang JunGuang are all lying then their order of time is not necessarily real. As long as Zhou Yong controls his speed at the 6th checkpoint and keep a certain distance with Xiao Xue with Wang Ning behind them, when the people in front and behind her all going to the same direction, it is very confusing. Talking to her at a distance away from the other runners and leading her onto the wrong path is not very difficult. Do you mean that they colluded with each other? This case is is pesty because a lot of people are involved and there are a lot of evidence and clues, so there are a lot of directions. We are entangled inside the case. Earlier Tang YiXiu and I even went to the mountains to simulate everything. In just 26 minutes it is impossible for one person to complete murdering, burying, and creating an alibi alone. But if more than one people commit the crime together it becomes possible. You mean they divide the work? This isn’t very realistic. They have to practice for a very long time. Don’t forget. Zhang JunGuang went into the woods to be a forester two months ago. Two months could be time reserved for preparation. We are confused because the group owner provided us with a lot of information about the competition. Do you remember a detail? What detail? At this checkpoint there is only one volunteer recording the results. The other volunteers are just distributing water and nourishments. Yes. This is the 7th checkpoint. This is the 8th. Coincidentally both didn’t capture Zhou Yong or Wang Ning. Until the last one Wang Ning was captured. And number 13 who crossed the line behind him is one hour later than his result. So they didn’t finish running at all, right? At these checkpoints, the result list only records the participants’ time and number. These recorders may not know the participants. That’s why as long as somebody wears Zhou Yong and Wang Ning’s vests they can leave a record of any time they want. Then, now, we can’t even believe in these evidence. The more we see the more we cannot see. That’s why these words of evidence and information including Xiao Xue’s withdrawal letter have to be completely ignored. Now, to us, except for finding Xiao Xue’s car, we don’t have any reliable evidence. That’s impossible. Everyone is lying? This is too crazy. Also, even if they work together, still… We’ve been fooled from the start? I think being fooled by them is not a bad thing. They must make mistakes the more they say. The more they want to distract us the more flaws there will be. Do you remember what Zhang JunGuang said in the mountains? I really don’t remember what does he look like. However I remember the number on his back. Zhang JunGuang accidentally said “the number on his back”. This is in conflict with Zhou Yong’s words. Zhou Yong said he saw Zhang JunGuang walk to him from in front of him. Then Zhang JunGuang should see the number on Zhou Yong’s chest. This also means that one of them is lying. No. They both lied. Even if Zhou Yong discovered the path coincidentally when he was familiarizing with the grounds before the competition then he saw Zhang JunGuang there Zhang JunGuang’s job does not require a uniform. How did he know his identity was a forester? You’re right. He just said he saw a forester. But Zhang JunGuang’s name was discovered by us. That’s why these two person planned everything from the start. They accused each other and left conflicting words to confuse us. Wang Ning is also using the same trick. He only needs to do one thing to guide us to the wrong direction. At the competition his results must be immediately behind Xiao Xue. Then we will find him when we are investigating and begin our investigation. Then he exposes Zhou Yong. Zhou Yong then leads us to Zhang JunGuang… Oh, my goodness. Now we already know four people are involved in the case. At a place we cannot see how many are left hiding? That’s why these information may all be altered. We have to ignore all the information on our minds. The more we engage in them the more confused we are. Also, what ZiCheng said earlier is exactly the key point. How can Xiao Xue, at 21 years old, offend so many people? As long as we find their commonality and motive that is our only chance of breakthrough. How about this? Let’s go to Zhou Yong’s prison’s location, QingCheng. Even if their story is very clever it cannot stand our deep investigation. Also, I think that woman must be related to that place. Do we have to go on a trip? Can’t we ask the local police to help? I suggest we go ourselves. These people are hiding so deeply. It cannot be explained over a phone call. How about this? You guys can rest first. I’ll apply to Captain Zhang and buy us tickets. Then we can set off. Before setting off, I suggest seeing one person first. You don’t know any of them? I don’t know them. I haven’t seen them. Who are they? You don’t need to ask who are they. Just answer my questions. I am an irresponsible father. After this did I realize I don’t know anything about XiaoXue’s life. Hello? Okay, I know. I’m sorry. I have a meeting. Okay, fine, we won’t disturb you. If there are any news we will inform you. Okay. I have two more questions. I want to ask when is Xiao Xue’s funeral? Next week. We haven’t confirm the time. Will her mother come? Her mother had passed away. What’s wrong? Nothing. We won’t disturb you. Thank you. Why did you ask about the funeral? I want to know he wanted to take away the body impatiently what did he want to do? You’re still suspecting Xiao MingYuan. A victim’s closest relative who met us for a few times and never asked about the case development. It proves that he doesn’t look forward to the case being solved. Although it’s a bit unreasonable we’ve seen it before too. The victim’s relatives avoided talking about the case to protect themselves after facing such a blow. Let’s not care about this first. Let’s go back and pack. Take some rest. I’ll contact you when I’ve bought the tickets. Where are you going? I’m going on a business trip. Why are you leaving when you just arrived? How long are you going? Approximately two to three days. Oh, yes. Ke JiaMing asked me to give you this. What does this mean? Are you two in an argument? I think he quite cares about you. He said this job is very suitable for you. He asked you to try and apply. Caring? He’s just like central air conditioning. What conditioning? Central air conditioning means that he’s nice and caring to everybody. He was just saying that I do nothing and I can’t compare to his goddess ShangGuan ShanShan who has goals and is ambitious. I don’t want to care about him. Now, while busy chasing his goddess, he comes to care about me. He’s caring about you and you talk about him like that. I feel unfair for him. Fine. You’re leaving now? Yes. Take good care of yourself. Are you not sleeping? I’m not sleeping. If I sleep now I can’t wake up later. I’ll sleep on the road. You work so hard every day and I have nothing to do. If you have time to pity yourself why not look at the information he gave you? Why do I feel like you’re a bit sour to Ke JiaMing? I’m not! How could I be? You’re so early? I came back once I took my things. Why didn’t you sleep for a while? I’m also afraid I can’t wake up. It’s more secure to come here first. Perfect timing. What perfect? I need your help with something. What is it? You’ll know when you arrive. These are the things you want. They’re all here. Look at it yourselves. We’ll take care of the rest. Thank you, Senior Xing. What do you want to do? I want to try. What do you want to try? I want to do an experiment. What experiment? Didn’t you say you were linked to everyone in the world secretly? I want to see how you and Xiao Xue are related. When Xiao Xue was murdered I was working here with you. I can’t be an eye witness. It’s just ten minutes. Just pretend you’re taking a break and brainstorming. What if you discover something special? Here, put this on. What’s this? This is a heart rate monitor. Look This is mine. Didn’t you say that when our heartbeats are the same you will think of that man? Maybe you’ll also remember something else. That was just a guess. What’s the point in just guessing? I don’t want to give up without trying. Why am I the Pandora’s Box that reminds you of your ex-boyfriend? How much are you on? One hundred and forty-four. Why are you running so fast? I’m now on a hundred and forty. This is not working, I’m on a hundred and twenty. Run faster! Speed up! Okay. I’m on a hundred and thirty-five I’m on a hundred and thirty-seven! It’s almost there! Quick! Do you feel anything? I can’t take this. I can’t run anymore too. What about this? Let’s use another method. Let’s try jumping. I can’t move. Do you feel anything? No! I can’t take this, speed up! Quicker! Quicker! Director Li Director Li Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? No I was just passing by. Is Gu Jing going on a trip? It’s like this: it’s that case about the marathon. She may have to go on a business trip tomorrow. Okay, continue with your work. I won’t bother you. Captain Zhang It seems that Gu Jing has a special relationship with Director Li. What do you mean by special? Use your gusses on your cases. Go on with your work. How can you guess without any proof? Be patient, I’m almost there. It hurts too much. Try harder. Can you be more gentle? It’ll end very soon. Be more gentle. Do you feel better? Are you done? I can’t take it. Put up with it. Do you feel better? Be more gentle, don’t do it by force. I can’t not do it by force. Do you feel anything? What are you doing? Would you believe me if I told you we were stretching? Tang YiXiu Step aside first. I have something to tell Gu Jing. What were you doing? This is ridiculous! Director, you have really misunderstood. I misunderstood? It’s not like what you saw or what you think. You really disappointed me. I agreed for you to join the crime squad not just to see such messy things. Tang YiXiu and I are really just colleagues. Colleagues? Colleagues? When you were on an investigation why did you sleep in one room at the guest house? You know? You are policemen investigating. What do I not know? That was a special case. That day, all the hotels nearby had no more rooms. That’s why I… XiaoJing, you’re an adult. I just took care of you when you were in a coma. I am just your provisional guardian. Of course I cannot interfere with your life. But here is the workplace of our team. If I only look at you as my junior I don’t oppose colleagues being in a relationship. But I will not allow doing these things here! It’s really not what you think! You’ve really misunderstood us! Then can you explain to me what you were doing just now? Actually I have no way to explain what happened earlier completely. But Tang YiXiu was really just helping me. He wanted to use some methods to help me find my memories. You’re saying that Tang YiXiu was helping you find your memories? Is this true? It’s true. Then did you remember anything? I… Before, I may have a lover. but I don’t know what’s his name or what he looks like. I also don’t know what happened at the time. There was just an image appearing in my mind again and again. I… Okay, XiaoJing, calm down, please calm down. We’ll talk about this slowly, okay? Some things you cannot force yourself. That’s why you’ve really misunderstood just now. I know, I know. It was my fault. My attitude wasn’t very good. I also hope you can understand this is just the normal reaction from a father to his daughter. Director, I’m sorry. I’ve explained everything to Director Li. Let’s go! We’re all here, let’s go. Hello, please open the door. During Zhou Yong’s sentence nobody visited him? Yes. During the two years and three months of his sentence there are no visit records. Then how is his performance in jail? Number 5976’s performance was okay. Although there wasn’t any great achievements but he’s not a troublemaker. That’s why he was released on parole. Does he have friends in prison? There are strict rules in prison. However people in the same dormitory normally are closer to each other. Please look at the people in these photos. Do you know any of them? This woman… You know this woman? I’m not very sure. Although I normally recognize people very well I have just seen her once after all. Was she a prisoner here? Oh, no, she’s a relative. I remember when number 4033 was released she came here to pick him up. I was quite confused at the time. He was in jail for such a long time. Apart from his mother and lawyer nobody came to visit him. He also seldom requested to make a phone call or something. But why, on the day of release, a woman came to pick him up? What’s number 4033’s name? I have to look that up. Please wait for a while. I’ve always called him by his number. To be honest, I really can’t remember his name. Zhang JunMing. Burglary and manslaughter. What? Do you know him? We don’t know him now. But we must get to know him now. We discovered three at a time. There’s only Wang Ning left now. Why are all of them related to this Zhang JunMing? It’s getting stranger and stranger. This is the old city district. Zhang JunMing and Zhang JunGuang’s family lived here after they moved. Zhang JunMing was imprisoned for 15 years. Zhang JunGuang has also moved away for a long time. Does anyone still know about them? This is hard to determine. Now, no matter in which city, mobility is quite high. That’s why we have to have a target and only ask older residents. Let’s go. How is it? Isn’t Mr Lin great? Didn’t you invest in medical organisation specializing in studying neurology? Why do you ask so suddenly? I just want you to help me contact. I want to bring somebody to do a professional check-up. You are too polite. I just bought some food without much thought. I don’t know if it fits your taste. I wasn’t hungry just now but now I really enjoy the food. It’s great that you’re hungry. Have more. You have to admit those brothers are quite unfortunate. They were bullied after their father passed away. Displaced they went to a relatives’ and finally got some steady days. But then their mother got leukemia. The brothers weren’t very big at that time and their mother got such a torturous disease. With their financial status at that time they can’t support it at all. I really don’t know how the brothers survived. At that time didn’t Zhang JunGuang get married? Yes. It was that time. Then Zhang JunMing committed the crime at that time. Just now, that old man said he helped a few people collect debts and earned some money. Could it be possible that he met Wang Ning at that time? But in the later burglary Zhang JunMing did not bring Wang Ning with him. Then why in a murder after so many years he suddenly thought of him? I think when Zhang JunMing earned a little money Wang Ning was part of it. It’s just that Wang Ning’s family circumstances was better than them so he stopped committing crimes. So you think Wang Ning was involved passively? But what can Zhang JunMing threaten Wang Ning with? Among these people actually Wang Ning is the furthest from them. Also, he has his own job and family and he does not have a criminal record. Why would a normal person be willing to take part in a murder because of something that happened 15 years ago? It really is true that women can be as great as men. Officer Gu’s sensitivity is very admirable. No I think that we should investigate Wang Ning when we get back. We’ll investigate him and as long as he gives in, everything will become much easier. But now we have not find the linkage between Zhang JunMing and Xiao Xue. Why would somebody plot to kill a 21 years old girl for 15 years? This is strange. No matter how elaborate the plot is there will still be a loophole. Tomorrow you can go to HuaiGang City where Zhang JunMing lives now. I am sure you will have breakthroughs. About that… It’s getting late. We’ve finished dinner so we’re going back. We’re going back. Tomorrow we have to travel. Okay. I’ll drive you to the guest house. No, it’s the 21st century. There’s the navigation function on our phones. We can’t get lost. Also, you must be tired today. Go back home and rest. When I visit your city for investigation Captain Zhang had helped me a lot. Now you’re here let me perform my duty of hospitality. Okay. I’ve found it. Zhang JunMing brought goods to other places on the 20th He only left the other place the night before yesterday. Normally, he should arrive these few days. He went to other places on the 20th? Why did he come back on the 25th? Isn’t the journey two days long? It’s like this every time. The lorry cannot travel for nothing. When he drives some goods there he should take an order back. That means that this is a regular itinerary. Since Zhang JunMing came he ran this route. Two times a month. Is the date fixed? Almost. These are our regular clients. Right Do you know where does Zhang JunMing lives?

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