青春警事 11 | Caught in The Heartbeat 11(焦俊豔、魏大勛等主演)

青春警事 11 | Caught in The Heartbeat 11(焦俊豔、魏大勛等主演)

Xiao Tang already introduced to me that you want to draw out the person in your memories. To us that is very simple. Later I will first draw a sketch according to the basic information you provide. For the details we will edit bit by bit until you think that it is the person in your memories. I’m sorry for bothering you. Xiao Tang asked. I definitely have to do this myself. Xiao Tang saved my life. Don’t say that. It’s like this: Before, Professor Lin was involved in a case. That is how we met. If you are ready we can start anytime. Please wait. Should I step aside? This is your private matter. It’s alright. I’ve got nothing to hide. Good. Then let’s begin. Firstly, please describe that person. Is he male or female? Male. Approximately what age is he? That’s too bad. You have to attend another meeting later. Otherwise you can visit the restaurant we invest in. We hire a Michelin cook who cooks very well. We’ve already signed a contract to work together. We will have many chances to dine together. Chairman Tang Everybody says that you are very busy. I know that food cannot retain you. You make it sound like… You make it hard for me to refuse. That would be great. However when other people come to my restaurant they have to book two months in advance. If I want to dine with you and I book now when can we have our meal? Of course I want to eat a great meal. But I’ve just started my business. I have no choice. Stop teasing me, Chairman Zhang. Let’s meet next time. Chairman Tang your VI Science Company is much more than a start-up business now. I appreciate your humbleness. Chairman Tang I will not push you. Just contact me and I’ll be there anytime. I’ll remember that, Chairman Zhang. Certainly, Chairman Tang. Goodbye. Goodbye. Chairman Tang Director Zhang and Director Wang have set off. Okay. His hair is like that. Okay. Now we can make it 3D. Just click enter. How was it? Isn’t Mr. Lin amazing? YiXiu Bro? This lady is… My colleague Gu Jing. So you’re also an officer. Hello. I am YiXiu’s brother, Tang Feng. Hello, I am Gu Jing. You two can talk. I’ll leave first. Don’t go. I’ve got nothing to talk with him. It’s rare that we meet. If the two of you are free at noon let’s have lunch together. I haven’t had lunch with you since I came back this time. What’s wrong with that? But Director Zhang and Director Wang… Ask them to wait at the clubhouse. Okay. Come on. Please enjoy. Thank you. I am overseas most of the time. This is the first time I’ve met YiXiu’s co-workers. Thank you for taking care of him. I just joined the police force recently. I hadn’t take care of him much. You just joined? Were you on a case just now? I see that you’re holding a portrait just like the movies. Is he a suspect? It’s something personal. Personal? Since when were you interested in other people’s personal business? I don’t care about other people’s personal issues. But it would be unreasonable for me not to care about a female co-worker my brother accompanies personally. I think you’ve misunderstood. Tang YiXiu was just helping me. Of course, of course. Please don’t mind that, Officer Gu. About that… Me and YiXiu’s parents passed away quite early. Although YiXiu is my brother I raised him since he was little. I’m half a parent to him. Although he’s carefree most of the time this is the first time I’ve seen him with a girl. That’s why I wanted to ask some questions. Tang Feng, are you alright? Are you okay? Am I doing anything abnormal? Everything you do is abnormal. Let me tell you if you want to act like my father here you can continue your act. But I will not pretend I’m your son. Mental. Sorry for that, Officer Gu. Thank you, but I don’t drink. Today, your brother means no harm. Why did you react like that? I think he’s a bit strange. But after seeing your brother today I know the answer to some questions before. What questions? Why were you so unfettered. Why do you think I was unfettered? I was just young and naive. I was just fooling around. Those cars should be quite expensive. Let me tell you although my brother is very rich I have never spent a dollar from him. Although my parents have passed away I have savings. Then why did you become a policeman? I want to do something more meaningful than making money. This is not the time you ask me questions. Do you remember you promised me that after I help you you’ll answer me a question? Do you want to ask now? Right now. It’s raining! Run! I will cure the strange sickness you have. Are you alright? I’m fine. Run! I didn’t bring an umbrella with me. Do you want me to give you my coat? No, no, I’m fine. Just now Just now I felt something. What did you feel? Didn’t I say that I have a question to ask you? I haven’t ask. Go ahead. Why are you looking for Tang YueSong? You want to know about this? Although I have a lot of questions yet to ask you this is the most important one to me right now. Tang YueSong is me and Tang Feng’s father. Your father? No matter it is the nightmare you had earlier or when you remember witnessing what Xu Lu and I did back in time these two breakthroughs of your memory blockade happened when Tang YiXiu was next to you. Why are you looking for Tang YueSong? Why? Sorry. Gu Jing! Gu Jing! I’m sorry. I don’t know why is everything related to you. I… Why is it like this between us? We didn’t know each other, right? I don’t know what you are saying. Can you speak slowly? The time when we met in the hospital, that was an accident, right? It was an accient. I didn’t know you at the time. Nor have I seen you before. Then why everytime I am with you I will think of the past? Think of the past? Not only do I think of the past I also think of that man. Everytime I think of that man or my past I am with you. Which man? The man on the drawing? Yes. The man on the drawing. And you, and me, and your father… Is there a linkage between the four of us? I’m not sure if this is… Why is it like this? Gu Jing Speak slowly, calm down. I want to hear everything from the start. We’re there. Go home now. You… I have to go home and digest the things you told me today. Do you think I’m insane? Don’t think like that. I was by your side and also witnessed what you told me. Go home, and rest early. Gu Jing, you’re back. How did you get so wet? You didn’t bring an umbrella with you and came back so late. There was thunder just now and I was at home alone. I was so scared. Gu Jing Are you alright? I’ll go get it. Ke JiaMing? I’m here for AZi. She’s here. AZi, he’s here for you. Why were you so slow? The rain was so big just now. Fine, come in. Guess, why did I ask you to come over? I don’t know. Don’t tell me your paper failed so you asked me to come over to rewrite it. I hereby inform you my paper passed. I got 95 marks, second highest in class. That’s not bad. It seems that my tutoring is quite on point. My choice of topic was very good. Listen carefully: nine o’clock room 103 at YueYang Hotel. Why are you asking me to go to a hotel? It’s your dream girl ShangGuan ShanShan’s birthday party, you idiot. Don’t act like that. Come with me. Since when did you have my Weibo password? You chatted with her so much! Didn’t I say I’ll help you get the girl? You hacked into my weibo account! Just treat it like great minds think alike. You are… Never mind you logged in on my phone before. You just forgot. How is that possible? I just used a little bit skills and tricks. If you’re like this you’ll be late to your goddess’ party. Don’t move. What do you want to do? This is for girls. You’ve met for so long. If it wasn’t for me she wouldn’t even know your name. Do you want to continue to be transparent and non-existent in front of her? No. But… No but’s. Look, how is it? There’s no difference. You don’t have enough self-confidence. If you don’t make up your mind your goddess will be taken up by someone else. It’s so late? Go quickly. Why are you calling at such a time? You don’t sleep early anyway. It seems that you have an emergency. I want to ask did dad do an experiment on me when I was little? Why do you ask so suddenly? I remember I was in primary school? It’s been so many years I can’t think of it right now. Tang YiXiu I did not live with you those years. Sorry. You already went overseas with Aunt, right? After Tang YueSong abandoned us my mother’s mental health became worse. In the end she… No I didn’t mean to talk about this. Do you know what sorry means? You are the lucky one since we were little. Everyone is good to you. I don’t know if Tang YueSong did any experiments on you. But since you were little you grew up very healthily. But my mother… Sometimes I think why is God so unfair. No God has always been fair. Only lucky people say things like that. It’s been so many years. What’s the point of you continuing to be angry at this? How could he! He forgot his friends as soon as he sees his girl. You should at least respond! Annoying idiot. Is there anything else? Wait I still have a question. Go ahead. Didn’t you invest in a medical institution researching in the human brain? Don’t you always remind me not to interfere with each other’s lives? I don’t want to interfere. I just want you to help me out and contact someone. I want to bring someone to do a professional check-up. Who? Do I know that person? Since when did you care about me so much? I won’t waste your time. You just give them a heads-up and give me the contacts of the person in charge. You’ve woke up? How are you? Did you sleep well? I didn’t not sleep well. I didn’t sleep at all. I heard that you had a great time with Ke JiaMing last night. Were you too happy? Why would I be happy? Don’t mention him in front of me. He’s a big idiot. I need to find something else to divert my attention. Oh, yes. You can go to this marathon. Look This is SuLing’s freshman group chat for cross-country marathon. You can join it. Marathon? Sis Give me a break. Where did you find this? Didn’t you ask me to socialize with more people so you downloaded these social networking apps. It was on the front page. You are a bit strange today. Normally you don’t sleep so deeply. Your alarm clock rang for so long today but you still didn’t hear it. I stayed up all night alone. I was so bored. You’re right. I didn’t think of that too. I have to go to sleep. Who’s so early? Why didn’t you go to the police office in the morning instead of coming here? I have something to tell you. ZiCheng Captain Zhang Did YiXiu and Gu Jing say where they’re going? I don’t know. They didn’t tell me. When they come back tell them to find me. Sure. Did you sleep well last night? Surprisingly, I slept very well. I didn’t even hear my alarm. I didn’t sleep well last night. Why? Is it because I told you those strange things? No, no, no. I didn’t mean that. On the contrast I was very happy that you told me the things you normally don’t tell other people. Why I didn’t sleep well is also not related to you. No, no. It is related. My brain is all messed up. I don’t know what I’m saying. Oh, right. I didn’t sleep all night last night because of this. What’s this? I want to ask too. Maybe amnesia is contagious. After you reminded me I think I found a blind spot in my own memory. Why are you looking at me like that? I only remember that when I was little I often went to play at my father’s unit. My father’s unit has a lot of bizarre things. But what did these mean to me, I don’t know too. Maybe it could be related to what Lu YingBo said to you. But your father… has already passed away. Does this mean nobody can know the answer to this? This is exactly what I want to tell you. If your brain problem is related to my father I think that I should be able to help you. You can help me? How? Kiss me? K… K… What? I counted. Kissing was useful twice. This is the most effective method we have seen. Unfortunately the last time we didn’t kiss. We just tripped. That’s what I found strange. What is common between kissing and falling down? I thought after last night she would return to normal. What is she still like that? Done. It’s me. Have you received the flowers? I will kill you. It’s your birthday. Cheer up. Why do you have to be like that? I will kill you. You’re crazy. I’m not crazy. You did it. You killed him. I must go out. I will kill you. I must go out and kill you myself. Happy birthday to you. I need to kill somebody! Open the door! Let me out! Open the door! I need to kill him. Let me out! Quiet! Let go of me! Let go of me, you two! I need to kill him. Hold her down. I counted. Kissing was useful for two times. This is the most effective method up to date. No way You have such a big reaction with MeiJia coming? Who’s coming? Wang ZiCheng MeiJia You’re more handsome after you graduated. I got thinner. I still have something to do. I have to finish it first. Hello, MeiJia Hello MeiJia You should have told me before coming or what. You’re very outstanding now so you are more busy. I don’t want to disturb your duties. MeiJia, you are more outstanding. Those cases you solved are all important and significant. I was thinking if I will ever get the chance to learn more from you. Do you really want to know? Go ask Captain Zhang. He will tell you. Captain Zhang? Why is it? Come in. Captain Zhang MeiJia said you were looking for me. Really? The provincial office has a promotion quota. I want you to go and try. Let me try? Yes. You are very good at deduction. But I think that you should learn more systematically. There are more opportunities at the provincial office. It’ll be good for your future. Sir I’ve learnt enough with you. There is no point in learning again in a different place. Stop trying to confuse me. Don’t you always say you want to use your talent? Here’s the chance. I was just saying. I don’t mean this. Then what do you mean? You want to be provinical head? I don’t mean that. You know that I am not a greedy person. You know that very well. I am like you. Are you out of your minds? Why am I out of my mind? I’m not going. Stand there. I’m not going. Come back! Hey, wife, excuse me. Okay, go ahead. Come and look! What’s that? Hello, uncle and auntie. Hello. I am Wang ZiCheng from the crime squad. I want to ask you some questions. Did you report the case? Captain Zhang We have finished taking pictures. Okay. Begin digging. Be careful. Yes. I asked them. A retired couple called the police. They basically come hiking everyday. They also walk on this path every time. Also this is the first time they saw this pit. This means that it just happened for one or two days. But looking at the victim’s situation it doesn’t look like two days only. Maybe this is not the immediate crime scene. Don’t jump to conclusions. We’ll observe slowly. The body has been digged out. Let’s go and see. This is the sign for SuLing’s freshman group of cross-country marathon. This girl is wearing the clothes handed out for last weekend’s cross-country marathon competition. I am Wang Yao from HuanShan Police Station. I am Tang YiXiu. Hello. You said that there was a competition last week? It was held by SuLing Cross-Country. The organizers filed it at the police station before. This is their logo. Were there any landslips report today here? Yes. This mountain is made of sandstones. There are landslides easily. It was raining for a few days. There have already been a few small landslides on the mountain. But they weren’t very significant. This means that the body could have been here for a few days. Because the rain washed away the quick soil it was discovered today. This could still be the immediate crime scene. What kind of people uses this road normally? This road was used by the residents on the mountain a long time ago. Normal visitors uses the competition road, BaiYou Road on the east. Then how far is the competition track from here? It’s just over there. Just go up from the crossroad. I can bring you to take a look. YiXiu, Gu Jing go and take a look. This is BaiYou Road. However, because it’s been a bit damaged recently renovation has begun recently. It’s a surprise this path is so long. Are you alright? There’s renovation. We have no choice. It’s alright. How can he sleep like that? Oh, right. What thoughts do you have on today’s case? There’s a wound on the body’s forehead. There’s a possibility of homicide. But when it happened she was participating in a marathon. Could it be caused by falling or tripping accidentally during the competition? It’s not quite possible for it to be an accident. The competition has passed for one week but nobody including the organizer or other participants went to find her. The local police office also did not receive a report. Isn’t this strange? I am also think of this. If it was really an accident why was she buried? Who buried her? Could it be the landslides on the mountain that buried her? Like you said she was doing strenuous exercise causing a cardiac overload so she suddenly fainted and hit her head. Normally, before fainting like this, the person will feel dizzy and blacks out because of lack of blood supply. This also explains why the victim ran in the wrong direction at the crossroad and went into the pathway. But she could also be buried by somebody. Maybe after the competition the organizers found out something was wrong and checked the trails and discovered the body. But since she died during the competition the organizers must take responsibility. To escape bearing responsibility they directly buried the body. I am too clever. I can solve these cases in one second. You don’t really think so, do you? What? I think I can crack cases in one second or that I’m too clever? Then why didn’t the organizers of the competition remove the shirt with the logo of the competition? Then they could escape responsibility more easily. Because it happened too suddenly. They buried the body so nobody could discover the body. Why would they do one more step and remove the shirt? I wish it was that easy. You obviously cannot rebut my deduction. Without any evidence or the autopsy report I don’t need to rebut you. How about this? Let’s bet. If it’s like what I said I win. If the murderer is not part of the organizer you win. How does that sound? What are we betting? I can’t think of anything now. Anyway if I win you’ll have to listen to me. If you win I’ll listen to you. But there is nothing I want you to do. That’s great. You don’t need to think. You won’t win anyway. What are you talking about? Come in. You’re here. How is it? Come. She died a week ago. She died because of a heavy blow to her head that caused intracerebral hemorrhage. The particular weapon should be a blunt object like a metal shovel. So she didn’t pass out and hit her head? What are these sticky things? Her hands, mouth, and nose have residues like these. Before she died, her hands were tied and her mouth was taped. Although in the body’s nails there were also adhesive residues on her ankles there are no traces of being taped together. Also she was wearing one shoe only. This feet have obvious scrap marks. She fought very hard. He first tied her up and hit her with a blunt object. After that, he buried her. So we can conclude that the probability of homicide is very high. Therefore, your deduction on the way has proven to be wrong. I said at the end the murderer is from the organizer. It’s just the beginning. We still don’t know who will win. What’s this? This is a knife wound from a long time ago. She should have went through a heart surgery. Heart disease? I already tested. Her cardiopulmonary function was normal. Otherwise she would not have such complete muscle tissues. She is unlucky. Come in. Captain Zhang The victim’s relatives have arrived. Her identity had been confirmed? According to the QR code on her body we found the WeChat group of the marathon. We next found her WeChat account. Fortunately the owner of the phone number was her father. So we found her relatives very quickly. Here. This is the information of the victim. Xiao Xue, 21 years old. A private English teacher. Are you Xiao Xue’s father? Yes, I am Xiao Xue’s father. Now we need you to follow him to identify the body. Please come in. Is this your daughter Xiao Xue? Come, I’ll bring you outside. Please have some water. My team leader has some questions to ask you later. Hello I am in charge of this case. My name is Tang YiXiu. This is my colleague Gu Jing. Hello. Hello, hello. About your daughter we feel very sorry. But to assist the investigation we must ask you some questions. I hope you can cooperate.

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