青春警事 10 | Caught in The Heartbeat 10(焦俊豔、魏大勛等主演)

青春警事 10 | Caught in The Heartbeat 10(焦俊豔、魏大勛等主演)

Isn’t Lv Jiang Su ZhaoBin’s assistant? How could it be? Did you draw this? When did you meet Lv Jiang? Actually, I don’t know him. I drew this when I was little. When I was in hospital. There was an uncle at the ward next to mine. Do you remember? That boy came with the uncle. I don’t know since when. he came to play with me. In my impression he didn’t talk much. So I don’t know his name. I only knew later the man in the opposite ward was his father. He and his father have the same heart disease. Only through surgery can they completely prevent danger. But his father’s surgery failed. This drawing is for you. If you didn’t show me this picture I would have forgotten about it. Oh my god. What is this? How did this happen? Wait a moment. You mentioned a key point. Hospital? You were drawing a hospital, right? Yes. I was drawing my room in the hospital. According to Lv Jiang’s pattern in committing crimes he will recreate the scenery of the drawing. Which hospital were you in when you were little? I… I agree with YiXiu. Apart from the hospital they were in when they were little you also need to check all the hospitals near the location the car camera last recorded. We have to ensure Gao Yuan’s safety. Yes. No… Stop it… You want me to stop? Stop… Let’s go. There’s another at the front. Are you alright? I’m thinking if Lv Jiang would really bring Gao Yuan to a hospital. Of course he will. If he doesn’t go to a hospital how can he find a ward? But Lv Jiang is just trying to imitate the drawings. This painting is very special and there are no details. What do you mean? It could be any place decorated like an hospital and Lv Jiang would have made his point. If it’s really like what you said then we’re really searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s more difficult. Isn’t this the road where Su ZhaoBin’s car disappeared? I think so. Gao Yuan’s car was also discovered here. When we went to ShangQing Publications Lv Jiang was still holding the keys. He probably planned everything from the start. When Gao Yuan’s car was last captured at the crossroad it was 1:13 p.m.. We arrived at ShangQing Publications at 3:50 p.m.. There should be not much traffic but he took 2 hours. That’s strange. So he chose a path that needed 2 hours. What if he came here from here and then drove back? That’s approximately 15 km. The time fits. Lv Jiang is very careful. He could think of pretending to be disabled to disguise himself. He will also think of the surveillance cameras. So he must have chosen a road that can dodge the cameras. So this time he will also use this road to hide his whereabouts. But near there is a new industrial area. There should be no big hospitals. I think what you said is right. Anywhere where he can hide from us is possible. Let’s go. We must get there before Lv Jiang. Industrial Park Destination confirmed. Navigation beginning. YiXiu Are you and Gu Jing going to the Industrial Park? Yes. We are rushing on our way there. I’ll contact you if anything happens. This place feels like nobody has been here for a long time. Calm down. Let’s circle this place. Wait Look at front There are tire traces This isn’t made by big lorries. The tire tracks are so clear… A car was just there. There are lights there. Let’s go down and see. Okay. It’s Lv Jiang’s car. Captain Zhang At the construction site on 18th GongShui South Road we found the suspect’s car. We need assistance. Okay. Nice to see you again, Officer Gu Lv Jiang Where’s your partner? I came alone. You can’t have came alone. Let’s go. What did you do to Gao Yuan? You can still think of other people now? It’s not too late to stop. It is too late. Put down the gun! You put down the gun! You put down the gun! If you don’t put down your gun, I’ll shoot her! You… I think you should take the call. Are you joking? Maybe it’s from Mao Xiao Man. Before we came we met her. She already knows about everything you did for her. What are you talking about? I think she wants to talk to you. I have nothing to talk with her! Put down your gun! If you don’t take this chance you may never contact her again. Shut up. You made her a sinner. If you don’t shut up, I’ll kill you! This is my last warning: put down the gun! You put down the gun! Go save Gao Yuan! Put down your knife! Put it down! Turn around. Raise your hands. Put up your hands! Gao Yuan Gao Yuan YiXiu YiXiu YiXiu YiXiu YiXiu YiXiu YiXiu BoSheng Quick, take him to the hospital. An officer is injured! Take him to the hospital! Gu Jing You’ve woke up! Why are you here? Where’s Gao Yuan? Lv Jiang has been taken to the detention center. Gao Yuan had overcome the dangerous period. He was injected a lot of medical alcohol. It will take some time for him to fully recover. You’re injured. Lie there. He was quite harsh. Look at your neck. You also got hurt. That’s not a problem. At most it’ll leave a scar. You need to rest well. Don’t tell me you stayed with me overnight. I didn’t. I just came. Since you just came stay with me longer. I think that you’re recovering quite well. Maybe I’ll leave first. Don’t go! Are you okay? Did you accidentally stretched your hand? I’m hungry. Do you think it’s funny, Tang YiXiu? It is quite funny. Don’t be mad at me. I’m really hungry. I passed out for so long. What do you want to eat? I’ll buy you some. I want to eat whatever you like. Wait for me. Your purse. Wait. Lu MengYu hit and ran. She deserves it. If it wasn’t for her the Lovers Under the Moon would have ended and Mao Xiao Man would not miss the golden period of her career and still be on a wheelchair today. That’s why I will not forgive her easily. I want her to die. I want her to die because of Mao Xiao Man. Are you alright? Are you alright? After I checked out the location I drove my car to follow Lu MengYu from the nightclub to her home. Drink this. No. I asked you to drink it. Yes, drink it. Quickly. To make the scenery identical and avoid extra bruises I paid quite some effort. Thinking of it now although there are some imperfections overall I was successful. You are satisfied about what you did? No. I was most successful with Su ZhaoBin. Actually I quite worship him as his assistant after all without him Mao Xiao Man could not achieve so much. But he disappointed me. I worked for him and served him for two years. Forget it. He actually opposed publishing the finale for the Lovers Under the Moon. Since he hated this ending so much I made him die in the ending of the Lovers Under the Moon. When did you begin to plan to murder Su ZhaoBin? At the beginning of the year, I think. He had an argument with Gao Yuan to stop Mao Xiao Man’s comeback. I began plotting at that time. Where do I begin? After experience with Lu MengYu I thought that the most important thing is to have sufficient time. So I went to… That’s alo unimportant. Coincidentally I found a blind spot of the surveillance cameras. I followed that blind spot and soon I discovered a perfect scene. The lake. But it was inconvenient to do it in the day. Somebody may see me. So I chose nighttime. After I decided these everything was much simpler. I chose the day Xiao Man’s scripts are released. I view it as a present for her comeback. I took the car keys I duplicated earlier and entered Su ZhaoBin’s car. That idiot… I’ve already thought of a reason to trick him to come down. But he came on his own. You know the rest. I killed him on the way. Then I drove the car to the lake and decorated the scene. That’s all. It was also you who created the rumours? Rumours? It wasn’t me. I only knew later Su ZhaoBin was going to Mao Xiao Man’s that day. If I knew earlier this wouldn’t have happened. I would not have given a chance to that disgraceful man, Gao Yuan. What do you think Mao Xiao Man thinks about what you did? Her? Do you think she can accept all the things you did? She does not need to accept me. There’s nothing more amazing then being far away from her all the time and existing transparently at the same time. This is your own thoughts! Don’t be mad. This was written byXiao Man herself on the 49th page of the third chapter of Lovers Under the Moon. I and her… The arrangements of life… It’s not my own choice. That’s from the 27th page of the Flames of Tomorrow. What are you doing? Nothing. What happened to you yesterday? What? How many times have I told you. I went over because I was worried about Mao Xiao Man. Don’t tell me that rubbish. Don’t you like her sister? Did you tell her? I saw her. What happened next? Mao Xiao Man and her sister have decided to announce that they drew for each other and leave the comic industry. I wasn’t asking you this. Gao Yuan was discharged from hospital. This time he understood everything and he went to Mao Xiao Man and her sister voluntarily to propose creating a community fund from the money from her copyrights. I was asking you if you told her you liked her. Work makes me blessed! Work makes me happy! He’s so cheeky. Something is going on. That scar cannot become a necklace. Okay. Another case closed. This wasn’t a simple case. How is Xiao Gu doing at your team? She got used to everything. Why? Have you not found a new helper? It’s not that easy. Even if I found one he may not be as good as Xiao Gu. I didn’t know you cared so much about her. No lie. I’m one of the best at seeing people in the police station. The first day that child came I knew she was uncommon. How uncommon? She’s got something on her mind. Something great. What do you mean? Think She’s not a fresh-grduate little girl the treatment of us civil servants shouldn’t be any tempting these days. She came to be a police officer. That’s the first point. Anything else? She was in charge of keeping evidence. According to the rules all she needs to do is cooperate with you and keep the evidence. But when she came she proposed voluntarily to investigate the crime scene. What does this mean? What does it mean? She want to solve cases. In the police station all the people with or without talent want to crack cases and become heroes. They don’t respect us who do the basic work. The fireworks can be seen outside the window. There are roses everywhere. Su ZhaoBin was proposing with a ring. But there is no blood on the ring box. It’s here. This is where Su ZhaoBin proposed to Liu XinMan. The sky is so dark. But it won’t rain. How stuffy. How is the girl in the second room in the east wing? She was in a coma for three years but she recovered suddenly. Her recovery progress is exceptionally good. She woke up? This is the most famous medical miracle of our hospital this year. Unfortunately, after she woke up, she has amnesia because of PTSD. Who are you? I also want to ask who are you. Maybe you can help her come out from this. You haven’t praised me yet. I’ve helped you find Tang YueSong. Really? Gu Jing I have to return the evidence irrelated to the case’s trial. Do you want to come with me? You can learn about the process. Now? Okay. Get on the car. Do we have to deliver anything else? Su ZhaoBin’s proposal ring from the crime scene. Mao Xiao Man and her sister said while they were assisting our investigation that when the case ends they want to keep the ring. Right you owe me an explanation. How did you know two years ago Su ZhaoBin proposed to Mao Xiao Man’s sister at that restaurant? You’re silent again. Sorry. I am also looking for an answer to these questions. Recently I often think about what Lu YingBo told me the other day. Lu YingBo? He said I can help you. I don’t understand what he meant even until now. Why do you need my help? Also what can I help you with? I didn’t go to the CID that day. I went to see him. Why did you go to see him? I want him to tell me a way to remember my past. But he gave me a very interesting idea. What idea? He said that my brain is like a large hard disk. I can store more memories than other people. I can also stop myself from thinking of sad things. That’s ridiculous. But when I tripped I suddenly knew Su ZhaoBin proposed to Liu XinMan’s sister. Isn’t that more ridiculous? I really want to know the answer to this. I want to live at ease knowing what’s going on like other people. There are so many people in the world. Who can really live at ease? At least they aren’t like me, facing a blank in their memory, scared and frightened. Before, I always forced you to answer me. I was too careless. It’s normal for you to ask. I must have been very scary that day. A little bit. I’m sorry. Stop saying sorry to me. It makes me feel like I really owe you. Maybe, to you, I am really a poor partner. You can’t decide alone if you are a poor partner. Right Earlier you asked me to find an illustrator. Do you still need that? Gu Jing! What a coincidence. I bought fried chicken. Why didn’t YiXiu drive you home today? He’s just my colleague. Why does he have to drive me everyday? In my eyes he’s not only a colleague. Why do you say so? My love radar is very sensitive. Oh, yes. Beginning from today it’s the mercury retrograde. It’ll last for more than twenty days. From today we have to be extra careful. It’s really easy to get into an argument especially couples in an ambiguous state. Conflicts accumulated from before may easily explode today. Also, during the mercury retrograde communication problems often happen. Also for lack of communication may easily cause misunderstandings and create a lot of issues. Have you finished your paper? Not yet. If this mercury retrograde is really influencial you have to be careful. I’m talking about you and Tang YiXiu. That’s not related to my paper’s grades. Gu Jing! Are you listening to me? I’m very serious. This is a severe problem. Do you plan to go into the bath with me holding your fired chicken? No. After hypnotherapy session with you I discovered that Tang YiXiu who should be a stranger to you at the time could arouse your memories. Also, he can make you remember things that you have already forgotten. Even if it’s just a clip it is still a breakthrough. That’s why I think that Tang YiXiu can help you find the memories you lost. How romantic. Gu Jing Gu Jing, come quickly! Come here, come here. What’s wrong? Look isn’t that the man in the comic murder case? Why do you have this video? This is a proposal video collection somebody else posted online. I even shared it before. Oh my goodness. I only discovered it when I replayed it that’s the man who had been murdered! Oh my goodness, this is too scary. It’s basically hair-raising. It’s exactly the same. Did you share this before or watch this next to me? Yes. It’s in such a long video. If you don’t watch carefully nobody would remember. I would remember. I want to ask you say you’re an online expert. Does that mean if I give you a little clues you can immediately find out the matching person? Yes. I’ve already arrived. I can see you. I see you too. Why are you standing there? Come on. Quick! I thought you wanted to race your car with me. How would I? You have motion sickness. Don’t worry. I drive steadily. If you are on someone else’s car it may be unsteady and you may get dizzy. My car has an adaptive amping system. I guarantee you will not get dizzy. I think I have the answer. I think I know why I know about Su ZhaoBin’s proposal. How did you know? But like before I can only explain it but not prove it. Still tell me. Look at this this is a collection made by somebody on the internet of different wedding videos. AZi may have watched it next to me. So I thought that I really saw it happen. So I remembered it strongly. This is too magical. This video is two seconds long only. But this two-second video is identical to the scenes I see. You can remember the complete video somebody randomly played next to you. Who are you? Aren’t you driving? I’ll drive. This is the most professional portrait company in China. They are best at recreating microexpressions. Look the accuracy is higher than sketches. They are beautifully made. Xiao Tang Mr. Lin Hello Let me introduce to you my colleague Gu Jing. This is professional illustrator Mr. Lin. Hello Let’s go, come over here. Xiao Tang had already introduced to me that you want to draw the person in your memory. To us that is very simple. Later I will draw a sketch acording to the basic information you give me. For the details we’ll alter it slowly until you think that it looks like the person in your memories. I’m sorry to bother you. Xiao Tang asked. I definitely have to do this myself. Xiao Tang saved my life. Don’t say that. It’s like this: Before, Professor Lin was involved in a case. We met at the time. If you are ready we can start anytime. Please wait. Should I step aside? This is your privacy after all. It’s alright. I have nothing to hide. Good. Let’s start. Firstly, please describe that person. Male or female?

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