青春警事 06 | Caught in The Heartbeat 06(焦俊豔、魏大勛等主演)

青春警事 06 | Caught in The Heartbeat 06(焦俊豔、魏大勛等主演)

Director A lot of media reported the crime scene. This is causing trouble to our investigation. I’ve already talked to the media about this. I asked them not to spread the pictures of the crime scene in detail. But nowadays we cannot control individual users. What about this? I will talk to relevant departments and coordinate with them. Your mission is to lead your team to crack the case quickly to stop the gossip from spreading. Yes. Great, go ahead with your work. There’s one more thing: Gu Jing has reported to my team. Do you need to report that to me? I requested for her from you. I should tell you when she comes. Old Zhang You are really sneaky. You want to ask me why I hesitated at first. And you also want to ask why I changed my mind. Am I right? Of course not, director. Let me tell you directly: I want Gu Jing to take care of this case. Give her a chance. Gu Jing is in your team now. You decide. I understand. A lot of individual users are sharing this report. It’s the most searched piece. Mao Xiao Man? What kind of name is this? Is this a real surname? Mao Xiao Man is her pseudonym. Her real name is Liu XiaoMan and she has a sister called Liu XinMan. They live together, both single. Is this cartoonist famous? Mao Xiao Man: In 2010 she won the Qing Ying Cartoon Competition and released her own cartoon book – Imaginary Love – Tangerine’s Holiday. In 2014 she signed a contract with Shang Qing Publications and began her series Lovers Under The Moon. She was involved in an accident when the 29th chapter was released, and she stayed in hospital for two years. She recently announced her comeback on her personal website and she released her comeback piece: Finale of the Lovers Under The Moon. She wants to make sad love stories trendy again. What the heck are these? Do all the young people like these now? I don’t understand too. But Shang Qing Publications is owned by the victim Su ZhaoBin. Mao Xiao Man is an author under his name. Because of Su ZhaoBin’s death Mao Xiao Man gained extra popularity. She probably killed her boss to help herself. That sounds very cartoon-ish. But two years ago, Mao Xiao Man was involved in a car accident. She is disabled now. Therefore she has been excluded from the list of suspects. Go investigate his background. Xiao Ou Write his information into a report and give it to me later. YiXiu Go look for information about the sisters. It’s more convenient if you meet the sisters. Yes. Set a good example for your new comrade. Oh, right. Also check if somebody is speculating about this deliberately. Sure, no problem. Gu Jing I had an emergency yesterday so I… It’s alright. Are you mad at me? No. No? You girls love lying. If you say no you are certainly mad at me. Are all the girls you know like that? Am I like that too? Well, not exactly. But according to this logic you are not a girl. Have you heard that real men never go back on his words? According to this logic you’re not a man either. You… What do you want to say? You mentioned logic first. Let’s go. You are… Hello. We are from the Nan Ao City Police crime squad. We have some questions to ask Mao Xiao Man. She’s inside. You may come in. Please come in. I didn’t know cartoonists make so much money. Our parents left us these. Xiao Man Someone wants to talk to you. Hello. We are from the city’s crime squad. You’re here because of the murder beside the river? Yes. When the news came out I was shocked too. I even asked my sister if we should call the police. But I couldn’t think of why. It’s very sunny outside. Should we talk inside? Thank you. You have such a big house for just the two of you? We like the quietness. There’s nobody else here. Has anybody else read the scripts of your cartoon? The publisher was hurrying me but I was not satisfied of my works. How long will it take? Our online advertising began so long ago. It’ll be too late if we don’t scan and upload it soon. We have to upload it at 9 a.m. tomorrow! You know that if Xiao Man is not pleased with her work she will not give you her scripts. This is not the time for perfection. It’s urgent! I beg you to ask her to hurry up. We have great pressure. If she’s not insisting on drawing by hand we don’t need to worry so much. Please, please! I get it. I only finished the final script at last minute. The people from the publisher took my scripts and uploaded them directly from my house. That’s strange. How did the murderer know the contents of the cartoon? The two of us don’t understand that either. When Xiao Man saw the news she was so frightened. So on the night of the murder, only the two of you and the people from the publisher saw the scripts? Did they only leave after the scripts were finalized? If you’re saying that… The owner of the publisher went out for a period of time after seeing the first scripts. He only came back at late night. When did he leave? At approximately eleven. I’m very sorry. You may still have to wait. It’s alright. How long do we have to wait? Everybody in the company is waiting. What about this? I’ll make you some snacks. You should be hungry. Not for me. Not for him, but for me. I’m sorry to bother you. Okay. I’ll go check the fridge. Thank you. Okay, okay. I have something to do. I have to leave for a while. Wait here and call me if anything happens. When he came back it was almost morning. Don’t joke with me. You want your salary? I’d be pleased to pay the rent. Speculation? We can’t do that. We have our code of conduct and our rules, right? I’m not going to waste time with you. I’ve decided. Bye. Director Gao, two officers want to talk to you. We are from the Nan Ao City Police crime squad. Do you mean you’re suspecting me? Of course not. We just want to know who you saw and where did you go when you left Mao Xiao Man’s house from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. on the night of the murder. Can you tell us? Sure. Here are some water. Thank you. What are you doing here? What’s wrong? Nothing. Concentrate on your job. Okay. Tell me. I went to my friend’s shop. What shop? A restaurant. It’s near Nanjing Road. He called me at night because he says he’s in trouble. We’re friends. I can’t not go. He called me again and again. Oh, yes. If you don’t believe me you can contact my friend. He can prove that I was there. Oficers Actually, Su ZhaoBin and Gao Yuan, our boss, are in a fight because of the cartoon Lovers Under The Moon. Su ZhaoBin even threatened to sue us in the end. Why is that? I’m not sure about the details. I heard them talk that day. It seems that Gao Yuan signed a contract with Mao Xiao Man secretly without the consent of Shang Qing Publications. Su ZhaoBin is against Mao Xiao Man’s comeback. He is against her comeback? Isn’t he her boss? I don’t understand this too. I think there may be a conflict between he and Mao Xiao Man. Or else Mao Xiao Man would not sign a contract with us neglecting Su ZhaoBin. We never worked with her before. Officer I really think that there’s something wrong with Gao Yuan. He was in Mao Xiao Man’s house with me normally. But after he took a phone call he ran out mysteriously. He didn’t come back until a long time. It seems that you have a poor relationship too with your boss. Nobody in the company likes him. You can just ask somebody about his personality. And his wife, the woman who gave you water, is also problematic. If it wasn’t for money nobody would work here. I never thought that so much people hated Gao Yuan. According to his workers’ description, he had an argument with Su ZhaoBin because of conflicting interest. So he killed him and made a hype out of it. That is perfectly reasonable. But I think that because it’s too reasonable it’s beginning to feel unreasonable. This is your first day on a case. You don’t know a lot of things. Real cases are rarely so carefully planned. They’re different from detective novels. Most cases were impulsive. They’re very flawed. But the scene of Su ZhaoBin’s death already proves that this isn’t a case of impulsive killing. Then… If I were Gao Yuan if I already prepared a extravagant scene for Su ZhaoBin I would not choose to carry out the crime when the Mao sisters and Wang Lei are present. This is the most unreasonable point. Don’t jump to conclusions. The key is if Gao Yuan’s alibi is real. Look Those mental drunkards wrecked my store. I haven’t finished tidying up until now. If this happens again call the police in time. I was unlucky. Right, after you called Gao Yuan when did he arrive? At… at midnight. I can’t remember very clearly. Who would look at the time at the situation? Don’t you have a phone call record? Look it up. Okay. Shopkeeper can that camera capture the door of your shop? The camera can, but I think it’s broken. Yes, it’s broken. Do you know it’s against the law to commit perjury? Let me ask you again. Is the camera really broken? It’s not broken. Then did Gao Yuan come here? He didn’t. Then why did you say he did? He just called me and told me to say so. We were friends for so many years. I just wanted to help him. Are you going to tell us or let us find out by ourselves where you really went that night? Think about it. I was lying. I lied because it’s not too convenient to tell you. Why is it inconvenient? I went to see a woman. I can give you her contacts. She can prove I’m not guilty. But please don’t let my wife know about this. Hey, ZiCheng Okay How about this? We’ve got new clues here. Come over and we can tell you. Okay. Did they also find out about Su ZhaoBin and Gao Yuan? They investigated the people around Su ZhaoBin. Only Gao Yuan had a conflict him. Are you hungry? We’ve worked all day. The case is more important. You must be enjoying your first day of work. Are you hungry? When I’m investigating a case I’m highly concentrated and never hungry. Pardon me. My eyes are quite swollen. On the night of the murder were you with Gao Yuan since 11 p.m. to 4 a.m.? Yes. We were together. I waited for him at his workplace. Where did you go? At first we were just chatting in the car… Where did you go next? Next… We went to a hotel nearby. Which hotel? Whose name did you use to register? Can you not interrogate me like I’m a criminal? I don’t want this to happen too. I didn’t know that he was married at first. He lied to me. I didn’t do anything wrong. You are a woman too. Do you understand me? I really love him although he lied to me. Calm down first. We just want to know what’s going on. I’m sorry. I was too emotional. Can you tell us in detail when did he arrive at your meeting point? When did you see Gao Yuan? And when, and where did you leave Gao Yuan? I arrived at 10:30 because I was afraid I would disturb him I only called him at eleven. Hi Hi, honey, I’ve already waited for so long. Why aren’t you coming out? Okay, fine. I love you after all. Then we went to the hotel I only lifted him back at 4 a.m.. He said he had something important to do. During these hours you were together the whole time? We were together. The whole time. When you were waiting for him did anybody pass by and see you? I was in my car the whole time. But there may be a person. But I’m not sure if she saw me. How did she look like? Before Gao Yuan came out I saw a woman in the rearview mirror. She glanced at my car for once and then she left in the opposite way. You’re saying that the woman came from the house? Yes. At first I thought it was Gao Yuan but then I saw that she was wearing a hat and a dress. Can you describe in more detail? For example… It was so dark. I only saw her from the back. Did Gao Yuan see her? Probably not. He only came out after some time. Hug? I miss you so much! I miss you too. But I didn’t ask him about it because he’s got a lot of staff and somebody coming out is very normal. Here is Su ZhaoBin’s last phone record The last phone call was at 10:48 p.m. on the night. It was from a landline. Landline? There’s an address on the list. Isn’t that Mao Xiao Man’s address? Now everything makes sense. With this clue Mao Xiao Man’s sister is even more suspicious. See? Su ZhaoBin is against her sister’s comeback. She’s got a reasonable motive. How did your investigation today go? Apart from Gao Yuan, who you found too, we also investigated where Su ZhaoBin went that day. But we don’t have much clues. The only thing we can be sure is that that night, Su ZhaoBin left home at 10:42 p.m.. He rode the elevator to the underground car park At 10:46 p.m. he drove his car out of the car park. Until the car passed by the entrance everything was normal. But from his house to the crime scene after investigating the cameras on the way there was a 30 minute blank. The direct distance of this travelling is only about 10 k.m.. It seems that we have to investigate all the crossroads in this 10 k.m. and everywhere he can reach in 30 minutes. A 30 minute blank deducting the time needed to commit the murder we can shrink the area even more. We have a lot to do anyway. What kind of people is Su ZhaoBin? He earned money by buying and selling copyrights. He had a small company. At the first stage he could be considered as quite successful. Although he has terrible temper he doesn’t have any big enemies It’s completely different from what you said about Gao Yuan. Everyone in Su ZhaoBin’s company are upset about his death. Everyone we interviewed today spoke highly of him. That’s too bad. Tomorrow I’ll go the Mao sisters’ with Gu Jing. The two of you can continue investigating all the possible directions Su ZhaoBin went in 10 k.m.. If we’re lucky we can close the case. Okay. Come on. We have to eat more to be energized. Speed up! Gu Jing I’ll drive you home. There’s no need. I can go home myself. I stood you up yesterday. Take it as an apology. It’s alright. YiXiu I wanted to find you. The results you want are out. The ring box you sent here has been compared with Su ZhaoBin’s blood. They’re different. Different? Yes. But on the box there’s Su ZhaoBin’s fingerprints. I picked this up near Su ZhaoBin’s car and there was blood on it so I thought it was an evidence. This logo… Is it this one? You’re right. It’s identical. Since it was found at the crime scene let’s also investigate about it. What’s this? Why do you watch these? Because this guy looks like a person I want to find. How can you make something so ridiculous sounds so serious? Good job. Welcome to Zocai jewelry. Hello, we’re police officers. We want you to cooperate with our investigation. What are you looking at? Was this place always like this? I don’t know. I seldom come. Did you come here before? I only asked because I don’t know. You can’t have never came. This place is so famous. Because… Excuse me, I have found the records. According to the ring’s number this man bought it. Su ZhaoBin? Yes. Mr Su ordered it. Two years ago he bought it on Valentine’s Day. I’m thinking, a ring bought two years ago… Why is it at the crime scene? Who is Su ZhaoBin going to meet with a ring? Compared to this I’m more worried about the blood on the box. The blood stains on the box are quite old. In this case we can exclude that it is the murderer’s blood. Did Wu Sheng tell you that? No. It was written on the report. You can remember that? We just looked at it for one second and you remember all the details. How do you forget something you’ve seen? Is this the way you talk? You make us sound like idiots. I didn’t mean that. Let’s go. Oh, right. I forgot to tell you. Do you know why this place is famous? Because Not again. Are you alright? Are you hurt? No. That… There are fireworks here at night. That makes this shopping mall famous. Is there a restaurant near here? There are a lot of restaurants near here. Are you hungry? A restaurant where you can see fireworks with roses everywhere Su ZhaoBin was proposing with a ring. What are you saying? Su ZhaoBin was proposing with a ring? But there was no blood on the box so it was eight months ago. What are you saying? Why don’t I understand at all? It should be somewhere near here. Where are you going? What are you looking for? A restaurant. The restaurant Su ZhaoBin was proposing in. How do you know which restaurant did Su ZhaoBin propose in? Are you out of your minds? What’s going on with your brain? I’m not out of my mind. Can you watch where you’re going? I really can’t change you. Go ahead and look around. There are just tens of blocks nearby. Go on! Is it here? Is it here? We’ll go to another one if it’s not here. What’s going on? It’s here? I’m sorry. Don’t stand here. It’s here. This is the place Su ZhaoBin proposed to Liu XinMan. What? Hello. I am the shop owner here. Are you here for a meal? We’re police officers. The Valentine’s Day Romantic Set has always been a feature of our hotel. Every year we specially decorate the place. Look This was taken on this year’s Valentine’s Day. This is the year before. Wait. It looked like this. This was the year before last. That year’s Valentine’s Day was really close to Chinese New Year so when we were decorating we included some Chinese features. Can you send me a copy of these photos? Of course. Gu Jing You coincidentally saw Xu JieQing being killed when you were little. I understand that. But this time you said you saw Su ZhaoBin propose to Liu XinMan two years ago on Valentine’s Day. Who are you? Why do you know everything? I’m very confused now too. I just want to confirm with you now that two years ago on Valentine’s Day weren’t you in a coma? You were in a coma for three years, right? Can you let me first sort out my own mind? This is a lot I’ve heard today. I need to think about it too. What about this? I’ll drive you home. I… I just want to bring you home safely. I will not disturb you on the way. I will not say a word. Gu Jing You can’t refuse me. What are you doing? I almost won! It’s your problem. It’s your problem. When did you two get together? We’re not together. Then explain why can I see this annoying face here? Annoying? I’m also thinking why am I seeing your tiny eyes here? I was giving my colleague a lift and I saw your car downstairs. I was in disbelief so I came up. Give your colleague a lift? We work overtime together all the time why have you never gave me a lift home? You’re obviously flirting. What’s-your-name Do you have an opinion of me taking him away? Take him away quickly. He made me lose all night. He’s boring. Let’s go! Gu Jing Stop looking. She went back to her room already. She obviously has no feelings for you. She has no feelings for you! You too. You too! Let’s go! Open the door! Are your hands clean? You touched my mouth! What’s going on between you and AZi? Nothing. Are you keeping it secret from me? We’ll only talk about work from now on. We won’t talk about our personal life. Don’t contact me after working hours. Why are you so sensitive? AZi and I are just friends. Friends? You’ve just seen each other once. How did you become friends? We’ve met more than once. It’s a long story. Stop guessing. AZi and I are… like brothers. It’s not what you think. Why are you glaring at me? Also Do AZi and I look like a couple? Yes. Really? I just want to confirm with you two years ago on Valentine’s Day weren’t you in a coma? Weren’t you in a coma for three years? Gu Jing, have you not slept? Gu Jing Let me show you something. Can you comment objectively how does this girl look like? Isn’t this just a girl taking a selfie? Do you also think she looks really fake? Don’t you also take selfies? Sis I don’t take selfies like her. This is Ke JiaMing’s goddess. But I think she’s a b… Ke JiaMing is being her side piece. Why are all the boys these days… Why won’t you listen to all I have to say? I’m going to bed. She must be a b… Actually, your PTSD is no longer a problem. Apart from your nightmares you don’t have other symptoms. Therefore the only thing obstructing you from having a brand new life is your insistance and… And what? Let me keep a secret. Otherwise you won’t come to chat with me. The number you have dialled is busy. Please call later. YiXiu We have to get going. YiXiu Can you hear me? Where did Wang BoSheng go? YiXiu I’ve been here all day. You’re really not listening to me. Why are you so distracted? Are you in a fight with your girlfriend? How many times have I told you Gu Jing and I are not in a relationship? YiXiu I know. what I’ve just said is about your girlfriend. My… my girlfriend? About that… What time is it already? Gu Jing is still not here! Let’s leave without her. Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! 0538, somebody wants to see you. I never thought that you would come again so quickly. I need your help. How can I help you? How much memory do I not remember? How can I unlock them? Do you really think that you should ask me about this? Let me ask you again. On the night of the murder were you home the whole time? We also want to know on the night of the murder who called Su ZhaoBin with the landline here? Silence is not going to solve the problem. Liu XinMan We want you to go back with us to assist our investigation. My sister is still sleeping. I’ll go with you. It’s the first time I came to these places. This is not a sight-seeing spot. Tell me That night I called Su ZhaoBin. At approximately 11 o’clock I left the house. I came out from the back so Wang Lei didn’t see me at the living room. Where did you go after you left the villa? I had something to do. Was somebody with you to prove what you’re saying? Please answer my question. If convenient can you give us your DNA and fingerprints for testing? Tang YiXiu? You said yourself no matter when you began having nightmares or when you remember what happened between me and Xu Lu in both cases when you unblocked your memories Tang YiXiu was also with you. Isn’t it? But it’s just a coincidence. Coincidence? Are you sure? I told you last time I want to keep a little secret so you would come here again. You… Don’t be impatient. I will tell you slowly. Your medical history is very interesting. You can remember everything in detail but you forgot what happened three years ago. The troubles that other hypermnesia patients have are not found on you. Your brain is different from theirs. So you’re saying that I’m not only different from normal people but I’m also different from other hypermnesia patients? Yes. You remind me of somebody. This person was very famous earlier. But now, almost nobody remembers him. His name is Tang YueSong. Tang YueSong? He’s genius at cranial nerve research. He had a series of very interesting projects. I was fortunate to go to one of his speeches. He raised the theory of memory management. He raised a groundbreaking idea: managing memory by installing a card chip, or even installing new memories. You’re saying that there’s a card chip in my brain? That’s out of the world! You don’t need a card chip. You are a super card chip. Because your memory is better than normal people. But my hypermnesia has already been healed. You’re not healed just cured.

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