青春警事 05 | Caught in The Heartbeat 05(焦俊豔、魏大勛等主演)

青春警事 05 | Caught in The Heartbeat 05(焦俊豔、魏大勛等主演)

Explain this. If she didn’t resist I wouldn’t have done that. It’s all her fault! It’s just some money. She wanted to kill me! I had no choice so I used a tricycle to deliver her to the reeds by the river. You should know what happened next. What do you mean by we should know? Tell me the complete story. Why do you have the weapon that killed Xu JieQing? I digged it from the ground. So you’re saying that not only did you see Xu Lu and Lu YingBo murder You also followed them to hide the weapon? Yes. I was still little I didn’t know what was going on. Only after Xu Lu became a celebrity I wanted to give it a try. I can’t believe it was still there. So you used the method you just told me to threaten the two of them at the same time? You let them think they were protecting each other so you won’t get reported and you kept on blackmailing them. Am I right? At first this was perfect. Perfect? Look at your handcuffs! Let me ask you one last question. Were you the only one who witnessed the murder? Of course. It’s here. Are you sure? I’m sure. Did you tell anyone about this? I was so scared I became mental. I didn’t even tell my grandfather. I also had high fever. When I grew up I understood so of course I kept it a secret. But there’s something strange What? After they burried the rebar I went back to the factory. I was so scared. I thought this was probably a nightmare. So I wanted to check and confirm. Help! Help! Help! Help! Is anybody there? Help! I thought that was Xu JieQing’s spirit knocking on th door. Have you got everything? Look! There’s something here! Has he confessed? He confessed everything. What about the weapon? What? BoSheng just told me the weapon… What’s wrong? has been found. Case closed! Case closed! Congratulations! The case is closed. Wang Shuo has been arrested. I just wanted to tell you. Thank you. Do you want your medical report? No. I believe love doesn’t kill. The medical report is no longer important. You probably can’t trust me anymore too. Actually I realized that only I myself can answer my questions. It seems that I can’t help you anymore. You’ve already helped me. Is that a joke? After I answered your question to a certain extent I’ve only began to trust you now. Thank you. Can I come for consultation in the future? I’ve already lost my doctor’s license. I can only chat with you. I could come and chat with you. Gu Jing Actually, your PTSD is no longer a problem. Apart from your nightmares you no longer have other symptoms. That’s why the only thing stopping you from a brand new life is only your paranoia and… What? Let me keep a secret. Or else you might not come again. Director Li I want to ask you something. Sit down. Old Zhang stop calling me Director Li We’ve been friends since police school If it wasn’t for your care of the crime squad can I sit here with no trouble? You shouldn’t say that. You are the director. Rules are rules. Okay, okay. You know my disposition very well. I like to run around and solve cases with those young men. I can’t do your job. You have to do it. Fine, fine. Stop flattering me. Tell me What’s so important? It’s not very important. It’s just that Here Do you know about the case we just solved? What’s with it? Gu Jing from the evidence group helped us a lot during the investigation. Such talent belong to the crime squad. You came all the way for this? What else could I be here for? All I want is for the country. Well-said. For the country. Still I still have to think about what you just said. Sign here. Great, another task complete. If one day all the evidence can be sealed off I shall be very happy. What’s this? These came from the things you brought from the suspect’s house that night. You registered them yourself. Did you forget? How could I forget? I was just testing you. Say it again if you dare, you little brat. It was just a joke. But this is really quite weird. There’s no recipient. Goodbye, Miss Gu Wait I’ve seen this envelope in Lu YingBo’s clinic. So? Do you remember when we discussed why would Lu YingBo disrupt and delay our investigation? You’re saying that he wants to revenge by a letter? For safety’s sake I think it’s better if we send it to the forensic department to check it. Who would have thought? Lu YingBo didn’t stop. What’s up? You have the report? The envelope was full of potassium cyanide. With one breath you’ll die. Oh my goodness. I’m alive. If it wasn’t for Gu Jing we should be at your memorial. But… You can’t say that. I just met her. I also saved her a lot of times. Don’t tell me you’re not even going to say thank you. I… That’s between me and Gu Jing. It’s none of your business. Report! Come in. Xiao Jing! Take a seat. No, thank you. You’re getting mature. I knew it. You are perfect for the police squad. Right Both your leader at the evidence group and Captain Zhang from the crime squad spoke very highly of you. They say that you are very helpful at investigating. You also reacted well in dangerous situations. You also saved your colleague. I just did what I should. That is well-said. I asked you to come to discuss what you should do. Captain Zhang of the crime squad wants you to join his crime unit as an intern. Me? But I stopped that. Are you disappointed? I know you best. To be honest I am worried about you. In this case Lu YingBo made me surprised and also worried. Why are you worried? Do you remember what I said to you before you were discharged from hospital? You don’t need to worry if you’re only worried about Lu YingBo. I just want to protect you. I don’t want people to talk behind your back. Are you talking about the accident three years ago? Three years ago you were in a coma when you were lifted back to China. Those people told me about what happened. Look after her. I’ll check what’s happening outside. Okay. Afterwards something happened to your doctor. AiMi, take Gu Jing and leave. Let’s go together. Take her and leave. Take her and leave. Gu Jing! Wake up! Gu Jing! Here! After you arrived in China you stayed in coma for three years. Now your memory recovered. So you’re still worried? You could also say that these reasons exist. Your memory is a more important factor. I fully understand why Captain Zhang and Xing came to praise you. Your super memory makes them see your talent. That’s why they think you’re wasted in the evidence group That is what I’m worried about. You know that I only lost some sad memories. This doesn’t hinders my work or life. I’ve also passed all the exams and assessments. Also if I have a good memory isn’t that an advantage for solving cases? But do you know that you haven’t pass my assessment? Gu Jing, the doctor said the sad memories you forgot are just temporary. You may remember them one day. If at that time you are in a mission, investigating a case or catching a suspect and suddenly those sad memories came back at you rapidly, can you control yourself? Can you ensure you and your team’s safety? To be honest I am really worried. I participated in this case’s investigation because I remember this one scene. What scene? Captain Zhang and the people from the crime squad all know my situation but they still let me join the investigation because the evidence I provided were useful. Does this prove that I am fit for the crime squad? Xiao Jing You just raised a rhetorical question to answer me. This proves that you’re not completely confident about yourself. In the crime squad we rely on proof to catch suspects. Our responsibility is significant. We enforce the law. We cannot hesitate. Is your memory trust-worthy? My memory helped us find Xu JieQing’s body. That’s just a coincidence. I can be sure that are not an eye witness of the incident. ZiCheng, I want to see Lu YingBo. Can you come with me? Why do you want to see him? I’ve got something to say to him. You said to Gu Jing that love can kill. I think your doctorate degree went to waste. Love is giving while murder is taking. I can never understand and forgive somebody who took someone else’s life. Take your time in prison to think about the love in your mind. Gu Jing maybe you’re the one who can help her. What did you say? Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Why are you here, Tang YiXiu? I… I was passing by and I was hungry so I want to ask if we should have dinner together. Dinner? You came here to have dinner? There’s also something I want to tell you. What is it? Didn’t Lu YingBo say you weren’t at the crime scene? So I went to investigate and I found this. Missing person? When you were twelve your guardian reported this to the local police. He said you ran away with your schoolbag. The time matches the time of Xu JieQing’s murder. Thank you. Thanks for believing in me. No problem. Didn’t you also save my life? We’re even now. In Lu YingBo’s envelope we found potassium cyanide. Lu YingBo admitted that too. So that’s what Director Li said by saving my colleague. Aren’t you going for dinner? Oh, yes. You already ate? Yes, I had dinner. Oh, well, fine. I’m leaving, then. Bye. So you now remember that you ran away from home? Yes. I was hiding in an abandoned factory and I witnessed Xu JieQing’s death. What about your parents? I remember that after the car accident I met you. No wonder you said that it was sad to meet me for the first time. Yes. Those past events are very cruel to you. But what happened overseas I can still not remember. But no matter how painful they were I can bear with it. Xiao Jing Don’t force yourself. Do I look like I’m forcing myself? Do you really want to join the crime squad so much? It’s been my dream since I was little. I want to be a police like my dad. Like father, like daughter. You’re just like old Gu. So stubborn. I really can’t change you. Does this mean a “yes”? You’ll begin as an intern. Sure! Gu Jing We all misunderstood her relationship with YiXiu. On a more serious note Gu Jing is officially joining our crime squad. Let’s give her a round of applause. How about this? Let’s introduce ourselves and leave an impression to our new teammate. Who’ll start? I’ll start! Hi, Gu Jing I’m Ke JiaMing We’ve met before. At the crime squad I am mainly responsible of corresponding with the internet safety team. Nice to meet you. What’s going on? YiXiu and ZiCheng are back. Here’s everyone in the crime squad. What’s going on? Your rumored girlfriend is our new intern. Rumored girlfriend. Go on! My name is Lu XiaoOu I’m 25 My weight is a secret. My height… is also a secret. Hello. My name is Wang BoSheng. I’m 27. I’m 1.8 metres tall and 75 kg. I am single. Stop it. What are you saying? We’re not match-making here. Captain Zhang Look at his poor discipline. It’s quite weird to hear you talk about discipline. But you are right. What were you saying? Gu Jing, let me do the talking. Wang BoSheng was the winner of a country-wide free sparring competition. Lu XiaoOu although she’s a tiny girl she’s still as good as the other guys. She’s good at tracking. If she finds a suspect the suspect can’t run far. Gu Jing you can also introduce yourself. Hello, my name is Gu Jing. That’s it? My identity card number is 13420019. Okay, fine. Let’s keep it simple. Gu Jing don’t stop yourself from asking if you have any questions. Ask anyone. You know YiXiu so YiXiu let Gu Jing follow you as an apprentice. Why do I have to lead her? I’m so busy, I don’t have time. ZiCheng, you should have time, right? Xiao Gu Follow ZiCheng Let him show you around. You can put down your stuff. Let’s go. Sure. Director Tang Half an hour before the closing quotation yesterday the Maple Company’s stocks became unstable suddenly. We suspect that somebody is controlling the stock prices. Now everybody is scared and the main stockholders are having an emergency meeting two hours later. Do you want to go home first or go to the company directly? Let’s go to the company. Okay. Things are changing. Should we inform your brother that you’re back? I’ll leave as soon as this is done. Okay. Tang YiXiu Did you say you can find someone to draw the person I saw? We have an expert we coordinate with. Why? I want to ask him to help me personally. Hadn’t Lu YingBo’s case been solved? Who do you want to draw? I don’t know his name. Gu Jing maybe you’re the one who can help her. I can but I’m going with you. Okay. I know what you’re all worried about. I came today to tell you what you’re worried of will not happen. I know very clearly what happened yesterday who caused it to happen. Who is so evil? Exactly. There is no use in guessing now. Since we’re all here for profit I’ll explain this in the perspective of making money. The technology world in 2020 will belong to VY Company. Although I have never made this project public everyone of you should have heard of our brain wave project. In the coming parts of our meeting I’ll give the time to Daniel, the person in charge, to explain the project to you. Hello, everybody, my name is Daniel and I’m a designer of B.W.E.. Half an hour later I’ll pick you up to go to the illustrator’s. Yesterday Maple Company signed a talent training strategy contract with with Ni Hai University. They want to focus on the specialization and selecting the elites. The founder of the science company Tang Feng appeared personally. Why are you always looking at your watch? Are you waiting for somebody? I’m not. Fine. Can I only learn about my brother from the news from now on? There’s a lot going on at the company. I’m leaving very soon. I can’t meet you even if I told you. I can’t take up too much time. Can’t you afford having one meal with me? Why do you sound like a whining little girl? You’re the one deliberately hiding from me. You’re overthinking. Yes. I’m overthinking. Although we have different mothers I’ve always treated you as my brother. But I don’t think you think the same way. Also I’ve transferred back the money you gave me earlier. I can pay my own bills now. I’ve heard this from my assistant. Is your job busy? Mind your own business. I didn’t concentrate just now. Let’s try again. Should we stop here today? I want to wear myself out. Continue! You have something on your mind. Let’s go. I’ll treat you to dinner. Xiao Wang Be quick. Check this quickly. Okay. Contact this publisher now. Let’s do this! Okay. This is so creepy. What an extravagant crime. He must spent a lot of effort to find so many chicken feathers. They’re goose feathers. Captain Zhang It seems that we’re too late again. The media has exposed a lot of evidence. How can we help it? The main station was still reporting to us even after we’ve arrived. Luckily, the scene is still intact. Probably nobody came close. This car… Tell the forensics and the people from their team to move this away as soon as possible. Speed up. Come in! Perfect timing. Do you have a result? The time of death is approximately midnight yesterday. He was killed with one stab. The knife directly entered the right ventricle. There’s a bruise on his neck. There are residual ether in his mouth and nose. This proves that before the victim was killed somebody else first poisoned him from behind. What about the weapon? Is it the knife at the crime scene? Yes. But there’s something interesting: the killer stabbed the same wound twice. Didn’t you say he died in one stab? That’s what’s strange. Judging by the solidification of the surrounding tissue and blood he was certainly killed by one stab. But for some reason after the blood was solidified the murderer removed the knife and stabbed again. The second wound is more shallow. He removed it and stabbed again? What does this mean? The decoration. Decoration? We saw such an extravagant scene. They’re all decoration. Including the victim’s wounds. That’s why it’s very likely that was not the crime scene. How about this? I’ll go check the road surveillance again to see if I can find anything. Right What is the victim’s blood type? There’s one more still at the forensics’. We’re not sure if it’s related. Okay. After checking if you need to keep it here just bring it here for registration. Okay, I’ll leave then. Wait. How is Xiao Gu doing at your team? She’s getting used to everything. I finally have a capable helper at my team. Who knew that after praising her to the director she left completely? If I knew I wouldn’t have tried to help her. You’re just saying that. I know you like your juniors. I like them, but who likes me? You? Your team owes me. Okay, I get it. I have to go. It’s exactly the same.

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  6. 这个死者看着也像欢乐颂里的啊……但是这个剧真的好看诶!超爱焦俊艳和魏大勋

  7. I find the most interesting aspect of this drama is the role of the internet and smart phones in quickly communicating news–whether fake or not–to masses of a population, although I am also aware that this is a drama that is purposely exaggerating that effect. My perspective is of an older person whose practically only means of communication is in the form of emails and comments such as this one from my desktop computer. I don't like smart phones.

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