青春警事 02 | Caught in The Heartbeat 02(焦俊豔、魏大勛等主演)

青春警事 02 | Caught in The Heartbeat 02(焦俊豔、魏大勛等主演)

Episode Two Do you want a drink? No, thank you. Eat this. Really, no. What about this one? I’m not hungry, thank you. It’s like this: YiXiu has been with me since he joined the police force. I am his teacher and his captain. Let me tell you that idiot is good friends with all of us. So when we heard that you’re here for YiXiu we all want to give you better treatment because of him. YouYou is suspicious. But the probability of her completing the murder alone is limited. What are you doing here? Tang YiXiu, I have to talk to you. Not here. Come with me. Let me tell you you were the one who fell on my body. No, you fell on my face. I don’t want to kiss you at all. If you want me to apologize although I don’t think it’s my fault I still think as a gentleman I should give in to ladies. So I’m going to apologize. But don’t ask me why because I know less than you do. What? Do you not believe me? I don’t want to talk to you about that. That’s not important to me. That’s great if you think it’s not important. Wait, unimportant? That’s not unimportant! We don’t know each other at all but we’ve kissed twice. That doesn’t count as kissing. It’s just that our lips accidentally touched. Our lips accidentally touched? That was my… That was your first kiss? Then I should apologize to you. I’m sorry. No. How can that count as my first kiss? My first kiss… this is hilarious. Wait, why are you here? I just want to ask if I knew you. I didn’t know you. I don’t even know you now. Then the other day when our lips accidentally touched there was a bracelet on the ground. Is that evidence for Amanda’s case? Yes. It’s part of her personal belongings. What’s the matter? Why did you ask? I’m just here to confirm that. I was worried that you might made a mistake. You’re worried that I made a mistake? That’s insane. What a weirdo. Who are you talking about? I’m talking about somebody else, not you. I heard that you ruled out the model as a suspect? Yes. She has an alibi. She went to pick up her boyfriend from the airport on that day. They went home next and didn’t leave until night time. It’s part of our job to rule things out after investigation and then continue investigating. Don’t feel discourage. I’m not discouraged. I just began the investigation. These are just warm-ups. Good. I don’t need to worry about you, then. Oh, yes. That girl is quite nice. Cherish her. We… Hey, Ke JiaMing. Xu Lu’s phone data has been recovered? Okay. About you and that man called Tang YiXiu you mean you remember new things every time you have contact with him? Yes. He was at the hospital the night I woke up. After having contact with him I began to have those recurring nightmares I told you about. Recently we were in contact again new images appeared. But in those images I don’t see myself. But everything in those images proved that it wasn’t just a dream. What did you see? This is relevant to a case which is currently in investigation so I can’t tell you. Fine. So I think that the new images are probably related to items or events that you recently witnessed. It may be irrelevant to Tang YiXiu. That is also possible. But I feel that those images aren’t dreams but maybe they are part of my memory. It may be things that happened in reality. Oh, well. Don’t worry about it. Next time when we have hypnotherapy we can try to confirm your guesses. Look When you’re not too impatient for the answer you actually remember more things, right? Thank you. I think if I try harder I can remember what happened. I am very sorry about this today. You had to wait for me for so long. Don’t say that. I was busy yesterday so we have to meet today. Are you investigating Amanda’s case? Her case is widly discussed online so it caught my eye. I’m sorry. I’m not in charge of detective work. Sorry. I was being nosy. Dr Lu the police wants to talk to you. Please come in. Why are you here? I should be the one asking you. Why do I see you wherever I go? Officer Gu What are you doing here? Officer Gu We want to talk to Dr Lu. Please step aside. Certainly. Don’t leave. Wait for me at the door. May I ask… We are from the crime squad of the Nan Ao City Police. Please cooperate with us. Please have a seat. In Xu Lu’s mobile phone we found a hidden tracking software. After tracing the source we discovered that you are tracking her. Do you have anything to say about that? No. Please listen carefully. There is a tracking software in Xu Lu’s phone. This means that you can know her location anytime. We suspect that you have been following her. I’m sorry. May I interrupt? You keep mentioning Xu Lu. Can I ask who is she? Are you saying that you do not know Xu Lu? Maybe she is one of my patients but I don’t have any impression. Furthermore why do I have to track somebody I don’t even remember? Then do you know Amanda? Amanda? That model who was murdered? Are you saying that I’m tracking her? That’s impossible and ridiculous. I think you’ve made a mistake. We just asked if you know Amanda. We didn’t ask if you tracked her. I think you’re being too sensitive. Compared to you I know much more about the way people’s logic and subconscious work. Officer, to me, all the questions you ask are stemmed from one question. So you’re saying that you don’t know Xu Lu and Amanda. I’m not sure about Xu Lu. But for Amanda, no matter if you investigate my job, my social circle or all my friends et cetera you will not find any links of me to her. Then how do you explain the tracking software? I’ve got nothing to say. I don’t understand how can something so ridiculous happen. Officer After you crack the case if convenient I hope that you can also explain to me what’s going on. How does Amanda’s phone look like? I understand now. Can you think of anything? This may possibly be the phone I lost earlier. Are you saying that a supermodel stole your phone? Of course it’s somebody else. But on how the phone ended up with her I am also clueless. But when I first bought it I installed a tracking software to prevent losing it. If it wasn’t for your questioning I would have forgot about it. What a coincident. If you don’t believe me I can show you my purchase records you can look into the phone’s product number and confirm everything. Also if I want to track Amanda follow her and kill her would I be stupid enough to leave my phone for you to discover? Goodnight, officers. Let’s go, we’ll talk on the way. On the way? Don’t you need to go back to the police station? I’ll drive you. But… No but’s. How do you know Lu YingBo? I am just a normal patient of his clinic. Patient? He’s my psychologist. If you have a problem with that I can report it to the seniors myself. Before we arrived what were you two talking about? Do you think I’m breaking the rules and giving information to people related to the case? Today in the afternoon you asked me how the case was going. You turned up at the clinic we were investigating at night. It’s reasonable for me to suspect you. Then I can also suspect that you harrassed me twice with the excuse of carrying out your duty? Harrass? Sorry. I thought I saw a pit in front. Wang ZiCheng Don’t listen to her I’m not harassing her. I’m not breaking the rules too. Whatever you say. Before we exclude Lu YingBo from our list of suspects I don’t want you to meet him again. If you really haven’t excluded him then he’ll be the one sitting here, not me. It’s my own business that I went to Lu YingBo’s clinic and it’s also not against the rules. You… Also it is impossible for Lu YingBo to be the murderer. I am his alibi on the night of the murder. This is your size. But this is really not your style. Oh, I get it. Did your boyfriend buy you these? I don’t think I have a boyfriend. I don’t remember that I have a boyfriend. This is strange. I searched about you online just now but I found nothing. You are basically non-existent. Non-existent? Do you not understand? It means that… Never mind. I just want to say that you were in a coma for three years. Maybe three years ago you didn’t like using social media or having a blog but still there is too little information of you on the internet. Even the accident three years ago which should be big news cannot be found online. That’s basically impossible! It’s like that you were deliberately cancelled from the world by somebody. Is it very easy for somebody to make me disappear? Of course not. As an expert of the internet I smell something fishy. What’s so fishy? There must be some clues. Dear reporters we feel painful to have lost Amanda. However, there are people on the internet who are using Amanda’s death to create gossip with terrible intention. They created fake news to ruin Amanda’s reputation. This upsets all of us in the company who have worked with Amanda and all of the fans who loved Amanda deeply. As Amanda’s only agent I declare that we reserve the right to sue any individual or company intentionally slandering Amanda’s reputation. At the same time we advise the public not to share… This agent is the last person who called Amanda on her phone. That’s him. Judging by the time of the phone call he should be the first to know that Xu Lu boarded the plane. Why is that after the news has been released his words are almost identical with the assistant that Xu Lu was in France? That’s why I think he’s suspicious. Is there something wrong with his alibi? That is possible. What’s going on? What? Please help me look up Xu Lu’s agent. May I ask you something? You say you’re an internet expert. Does that mean that if I give you some clues you can immediately find out the exact person behind it? Yes. Vice versa, if you give me a person’s portfolio I can find out some secrets nobody knows by closely investigating the public information he discloses online. Now I understand. What’s with it? Do you need my help? No. Then why did you ask? I just want to know. You made me so curious. You’re telling me you just want to know? Then can you find out who wants me to disappear on the internet? About that… You can’t? I can! It’s just right now I can’t exactly think of how. So you can’t think of how. Can’t you say some more encouraging words? Mom I told you I’m at work I’m not going to go blind dating. Don’t send me any more photos. Yeah. I’m going to marry a computer. Don’t you know anything about artificial intelligence? Right, I’m hanging up. Didn’t I say no more photos? Why aren’t you picking up? My mom’s gone crazy. She wants me to go blind dating. Now it’s the 21st century. Why hadn’t her thinking modernize? I’ve already got married with my artificial intelligent Xiao De Bao. Xiao De Bao is the thing you chat with on your phone? Yes! You can try it out too. I can help you download it. No, thank you. Ke JiaMing Don’t run away! I’m not here for revenge. I don’t believe you. You’re like a loudspeaker. Everybody knows already. There’s no point in revenge anymore. That’s very reasonable of you. How about this? Help me look up this person and I’ll forget what you did to me. Well, since you’re so sincere tell me who do you want to look up. Have you read the newsfeed today? No. It’s so exciting. Somebody found a picture of Amanda before her plastic surgery. Amanda wasn’t just ugly. Her face is literally disfigured. Look at the long scar on her face. All the people who’ve seen the picture has exploded. Are you alright? Is this photo real? The picture was discovered five years ago. Later it was covered up by her agency and now it’s released again. But as long as I can look it up online and do some comparison I can definitely find out. There’s no need. This is not something you should interfere with. I can do whatever I like. I’m just interested. It’s not illegal either. You can’t stop me. How is it? Are you two in a fight? Stop saying that. I’ll bite you. He even commented here. The Knight With A Mask? What a cliche name. Let me found out who you are. How annoying. Why did you use such a popular account name? But you’re wrong if you think hiding in the crowds can stop me from finding you. Who am I? Your mask is useless. He looks like an idiot. Let’s play the game. What year is it? That is such an old trick. Do you want to trick me? You’ve met a strong enemy. What? You’re too naive to prank me. Hey, mom, who did you want to introduce me to earlier on? Gu Jing, you’re finally back. What are you doing here? I live here. Hello, Gu Jing, I am Ke JiaMing, a colleague of Tang YiXiu. Hello. I’m sorry. I misunderstood your relationship with YiXiu before and I also spread some rumours. I’m sorry for causing inconvenience to your daily life. Please forgive me. It’s alright, let’s sit down and talk. Gu Jing Sit here. What rumours are you talking about? The ones about… I will take revenge with you later. Gu Jing Did you get Xia MingZi investigate our current case? Do you know that is strictly against the rules? My suspicion is reasonable this time. What did you do, AZi? I looked up Amanda’s profile. I didn’t do much. If you didn’t do much how can we find you? You’re taking a big risk. You used your knowledge and skill to try to dodge the law. What exactly did you do? I just searched for information about Amanda’s stepfather. And then I found out somebody was also searching for info about her. So… So you found me. After Ke JiaMing told me about it we found her location. Do you know that you are obstructing an officer in discharge of his duty? I didn’t know he is a policeman! Also I was just personally interested in Amanda’s background. It is completely irrelevant with Gu Jing. I’ll bear all the responsibility. Don’t try to blame Gu Jing, you damn single. Stop calling me a damn single, I’m telling you. You are insulting an officer on duty. Your name is called YiXiu. Why can’t I laugh at it? I… Stop it, don’t argue with her. That’s smart of you. I’m not defending you. Who’s this? He’s Amanda’s stepfather. You would never guess if you didn’t know. This man also has a record of abusing children. He made the scars on Xu Lu’s face. Look. You’ve admitted it. Didn’t you say it was just your personal interest? Why are you sharing with her? Why are you so annoying? Why can’t I share gossips? Look. I just found this online. Somebody else posted it. It’s none of my business. Tang YiXiu, Ke JiaMing, I have to report to you an important clue. What I’m going to say next may surprise the two of you. So I hope that you can be mentally prepared. This is so much for one night. Who would guess that Gu Jing was in coma for three years and also has amnesia? She also said that she witnessed Xu JieQing’s murder. Really Who would believe that? But she passed all the examinations and entered the police force. No matter how strange and unbelievable her background is I don’t think she would joke about this. And onto the credibility of what she said I think we have to wait until Xu JieQing’s case to close before we can be sure. We shouldn’t be biased about these things. I also think that there is no need for her to cause herself trouble and make up such a story. Why would she do that? I also think that she wouldn’t do it. I think I have to report this to Captain Zhang. If and I’m just saying “if” this case is related to Xu JieQing’s case then Gu Jing is an eye witness. She would be in danger. I don’t think it’s so serious. If you think she’s in danger then wouldn’t it be easier to hurt her when she’s in coma? Tang YiXiu, are you stupid? She was in a coma. She couldn’t write or speak. Why would anyone hurt her? But it’s not the same now. she’s awake now. You’re right. But… But would it be too early for us to begin to protect her as a witness? You’re too cold-blooded. Don’t you care about that girl you kissed? Ke JiaMing! Go home! Leave! Please sign your name here. Thank you, Xiao Gu. No problem. Let’s go. We have to go to the orphanage and old house Xu Lu lived in before. You want me to go too? You said last night you may be a witness. I told that to Captain Zhang. To learn more about what’s going on he agreed for you help us to assist the investigation. Meet me at the door in five minutes. Please have some water. Thank you. You said that you are here to investigate about Xu Lu. Xu Lu was sent here in 2001, am I right? Please wait. 2001.. Xu Lu… There are too many kids coming in and out every year. I can’t think of her all of a sudden. It’s alright, take your time. You have won a lot of awards. Those are not mine. They are won by the kids living here. When some kids leave they leave behind some things. The children from here are all very outstanding. But they are unfortunate. I’ve found Xu Lu. I remember this girl now. When she first came she was severely scalded. She almost died. She was sent here by the police. Are all the kids living here at that time in this photo? Yes. What are you doing? I’m trying to see if I can remember anything else. This was won by Xu Lu at a painting competition. Did Xu Lu’s stepfather ever came to visit her? Her stepfather was released from jail after six months, I think. But he never came to discuss bringing Xu Lu home. I remember that he never turned up until Xu Lu entered high school. Can you contact Xu Lu’s relatives or her stepfather now? They should be in our contact list. I just want to ask why are you investigating Xu Lu? Why did you find us? My brother only left us this photo. There’s nothing else. When did he disappear? After he was jailed for abusing children the factory closed down and he owed a lot of money. After he was released he came home to have dinner saying that he wanted to bring the kids to Hong Kong and work there. He got drunk that night and began causing trouble so my husband chased him out. That’s the last time I saw him. What year was that? 2001, I think. I remember very clearly. I just got married and he messed up my family. Don’t care about him. He’s a mentally-ill tramp. He was problematic since he was little but he hadn’t came for a long time. I almost thought he died outside. Stop the car. I can’t take it in. Thank you. Do you feel better? What are these? Dandelion. It’s somewhere near here. This should be the tree in Xu JieQing’s photo. This is such a creepy place. QingQing Toy Factory? This should be the abandoned factory owned by Xu JieQing. Look out! Are you okay? Are you okay? Next time, before you take action, can’t you tell me first? Well, we’re all safe now. We can go inside now. Flashlight? Xu JieQing, return the money you owe or I’ll kill your entire family. They must hate him so much. Is it this place? It looks similar. But I never saw these words before. Judging by the directions I don’t think it’s this place. Let’s take a look over there. Are you alright? What’s the matter? It’s just a doll. Stand up. She’s quite brave. The problem is she’s too brave. Come on! Wait up! Catch up! Let me go! It’s here. Are you sure? I’m sure. It happened here. There’s nothing here. I can’t be mistaken. I must find it. I must find it. Blood! It’s wet. I must find it. Gu Jing, you’re hurt! I can’t be wrong. I can’t be wrong. You’ll get infected! How can you be so stubborn? You don’t understand. This is very important to me. I don’t understand you but I can give you orders. Let go of me! Put me down! Put me down! Let go! Put me down! Don’t look. Look out. Captain Zhang We haven’t found the lethal weapon. The body is severely skeletonized. Yes. We’ll come back at once. Okay. Where are you going? It’s alright, I can walk myself. What do you mean? If you want something, I’ll get it for you. No. I… need the bathroom. I’ll carry you. Never mind, I’m fine. Stop pretending. The bathroom is in the village. It’ll take forever for you to walk there. Come on. It’s in the village? Speed up. You’re lighter than I imagined. Here it is. Go in. I’m not going with you. Thank you. I’ll look out for you here. Here I’ll give you a hand. It’s fine, I can walk on my own. What are you saying? Look at your injury. You must listen to me. Be careful. Don’t skip, slow down. Slow down. Sit down. Put your feet up. Then the blood can flow and you won’t get swollen. Oh, yes. Uncle Li called today. He wants to see how you’re doing. But I dared not ask him to come directly. It’s okay, it’s just a small wound. Don’t make other people worry. Whatever. Are you hungry? I’ll order some tasty food. Never mind. I have to go back to the station after I change clothes. No way! You still have to eat before leaving. You must eat. Look! Indecent video of recently deceased celebrity in nightclub exposed! She was drunk and was hitting somebody else. Her death could be due to long-term alcohol and substance consumption. There are news about Amanda again. I found this today. It was posted online this morning. I traced the video to find that it was recorded one month ago. There’s more. They even have information about her being abused when she was little. Then why is it only exposed today? I can’t tell why. I have to trace back the source to find out. But it’ll take quite some time. You still have to find out. If someone wants to change something behind the scenes he definitely has an objective. From plastic surgery to child abuse these are all abnormal events. Abnormal? Of course. Since the murder more and more news were discovered. I feel like this is leading somewhere. Somebody is obviously directing something. Directing something? This is interesting. How exciting. I have to look it up. Trace it. Come, Yi Xiu, I have to talk to you. Here. Take a seat. How is it? It’s like this. You found Xu JieQing’s body so I want to establish a new team for this case. Go list out the relevant evidence and material. Since Gu Jing is related to the case she should join the special group too. You and ZiCheng should concentrate on Xu Lu’s case. How can it be like that? Xu JieQing is a very important clue to us.

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