青春警事 01 | Caught in The Heartbeat 01(焦俊豔、魏大勛等主演)

青春警事 01 | Caught in The Heartbeat 01(焦俊豔、魏大勛等主演)

Episode 1 Nan Ao City Please save my dad!
Please save my dad! Captain Zhang! Here, here, here. Buns! Eat some to fill up your stomachs. Great! Thank you, captain. Where’s YiXiu? He went to change clothes. There he is. Captain Zhang Do you think I should wear some make-up? I want to look more wan and sallow. I look too hot now. Stop showing off. Let me tell you you are the most important person in this mission. But I am also most worried of you. Let me ask you again Can you listen to all my orders? Don’t worry. I’ll be smart. ZiCheng Change clothes. What? I’ve followed this case for so long. How can you swap him in? What’s the difference with you and ZiCheng? He’s also smart. Exactly! Alright, I’ll listen to your orders. I swear I will obey to your directions and complete this mission perfectly by catching Tian Fei on our first try! I will win merits for us! You’d better. XiaoOu What did the other team say? There aren’t any new messages. Tian Fei should still be on his way. He has to go through the checkpoints on the streets and at the airport and also Ke JiaMing’s tracking. He can’t come so quickly. I’ve followed Tian Fei’s case from the beginning. He lost so much when Zhan XinLi betrayed him. He will not give up this only chance to take revenge. But Tian Fei is very ruthless. When you’re pretending to be Zhan XinLi on her bed beware of your own safety. I knew you care for me. Stop it. Begin the mission! Okay, I’m going! May I ask which room is Zhang XinLi in? I’ll check for you. In the thirteenth room on the third floor. Thank you. What’s that noise? Come on! The suspect is behind me. Stand there! Don’t move! Don’t move! Stay there! Put down the guns! Stay there! Put down the knife! Put down the knife. Now! Raise your hands and lie down! You alright? Then why are you daydreaming? Come with me! Look at the way you eat. You look like someone is going to eat your food. Captain Zhang, has he confessed? Not yet. He’s still insisting. Captain Zhang, what do you think of me sending your morse codes? Isn’t it genius? What do you think you’re doing? Genius? That was just noise to me. It was very refreshing, though. Why do you have to be so mean? Let me tell you If it wasn’t for that female patient in my way I would have directly arrested Tian Fei. The basic rule of being a policeman is honesty. Why are you boasting? I’m not boasting! I’m honest! The patient just woke up. How can that be in your way? It was certainly… Just hurry up and eat. After that go home and take a bath. Continue the interrogation tomorrow. Sorry. What a miracle. All the indexes are normal. She’s also conscious. Apart from the fact that her muscles are in languor because of lack of exercise she’s basically very healthy. I have never seen a patient wake up after three years of coma. This is amazing. Gu Jing Do you remember me? Have you forgotten me? I am Uncle Lee! Your father’s old friend. She just woke up so she may have short-term amnesia. But there should be no issues after recovery. Are you saying that she’s forgotten everything? I’ve been here before. Are we on Second Zhong Shan Road? Yes! We’re in the Zhong Shan Hospital. Do you remember? But why did I come here before? I can’t remember it anymore. What does PTSD mean? It stands for post-traumatic stress disorder. which is irrelevant to brain damage. It mostly happens because of mental factors. When people cannot face some very sad memories the brain may send a message of escaping. This may be related to what happened to Gu Jing three years ago. Although I am not sure what parts of her memory Gu Jing has lost judging by her current situation it may not be a bad thing after all. What do you mean? According to her medical records Gu Jing had hyperthymesia. With too much in her mind she can seldom concentrate. But when I checked on her recently I found out her symptoms had disappeared. I think her hyperthymesia has been healed. This may be because of her PTSD. Are you saying that a girl with hyperthymesia in the past now has amnesia? And her amnesia has cured the side effects of her PTSD? Yes, you’re right. But I have to correct this: She did not only have hyperthymesia in the past. She still has hyperthymesia. After observation her cerebrum and all her other indexes are fine. Including her amnesia, which should be temporary. She can recall her past slowly like normal people. No she can be faster than normal people because she has super memory. One Month Later You’re still here? Tian Fei’s trial should have ended. Yes. I’m writing the report now. I’ll show it to you after I finish. Being a policeman requires more than physical skills. Your writing skills need to be fine too. I get it. Great. Concentrate on your work, then. XiaoJing All these years I treated you as my own daughter. I visited you every day and seeing your improvements I feel much better. You have to face reality positively now. Rest well and also think about your future. My future? I don’t even have a place to go after I leave hospital. Of course you’ll be going home. Your parents have left you a house. But there’s a little trouble with the house right now. Trouble? Coming! Who are you looking for? Are you AZi? I am Gu Jing. I used to live here. So you’re my landlady! Come on in! It’s alright. I’m afraid of the dark so I got someone to change all the lights into smart lights. Officer Tang, someone said you were looking for me? Yes. What’s the matter? I want to ask about something. How is the female patient in the second room in the Eastern wing? I noticed her when I was on a mission last time. I’m quite confused about her too. She passed out for three years but she recovered suddenly. She recovered especially quickly. She woke up? She is the most famous medical miracle of the year in our hospital. But sadly, after she woke up, because of PTSD, she got amnesia. She got amnesia? She forgot everything? Perfect! This is great! Officer Tang are you alright? I’m fine, I’m fine. Well, then, I’ll leave you alone now. A birthday present for myself: I became of age today. so I can finally move over. Dad I miss you so much. I can’t smell your scent off your clothes anymore. But I’ve decided to go to police school and become as great as you one day. Dad I want to be a policewoman. I’ve made up my mind. You told me when I first woke up that no matter what happened in the past I should still face the future positively. Although I’ve forgotten why three years ago I went overseas right upon my graduation to cure my hyperthymesia, and also what happened during the treatment that caused my coma I’ve still woken up now and my memory is recovering very quickly. Apart from having nightmares sometimes I’m like a normal person. I’m telling you this not only because you’re Director Li but also because you’re the person who toke care of me at my bed for three years. Every birthday I bought you presents. I hope that when you wake up you’ll see these immediately and wear them around healthily. Your temper and disposition is exactly like your dad. I just have one thing to ask you. Why do you want to join the police? I want to join the police not only to be like my dad. More importantly I have the same belief with my dad. I want to protect justice. I want to protect every citizen. I want to be a warrior of justice. You just woke up for a few months. Can you pass the police tests? I will do revision seriously. I want to apply for the examination like everybody else. No matter how difficult the examinations are I, Gu Jing, can do everything everybody else can. Dr Lu, have I failed again? You’re still too impatient for the answer. Therefore, your conscious is fighting with your subconscious. If this continues we cannot continue hypnotherapy. But I really want to know if it really happened or is it just a dream. If it really happened then who is the man in my dreams at night? Don’t be anxious. We’ll do it slowly. After I woke up I’ve slowly recalled a lot of my memories. But for what happened three years ago I really have no impression at all. I don’t even remember why I went overseas. Don’t pressure yourself because of these minor things. Everybody has things that they want to forget. Let me read you your medical report from your attending doctor and the psychologist again. All your indexes are normal. Your memory is especially well. But… You have to know that human’s brains are delicately designed. If it chooses to make you forget some things it could be for self-protection. What it made you forget could be some terrible memories that you don’t want to think of or can’t even accept. You have to believe in yourself. When you stop being afraid of them maybe your brain may slowly release the memories now sealed off. So you’re saying that one day I will remember what happened three years ago? Of course. Don’t forget that you have super memory. But how can I unseal these memories? Trust. Trust yourself. And trust people around you. Because trust is the most active mental indication. This is very important to you. Pose! One more! What’s that? Good morning, director. Zhang Director Li How is everything going? It’s awful. The deceased is a celebrity. How is the situation at the scene? It’s severely damaged. A member of the public first discovered it so when we arrived the body was already fished up. It seems that the public will be very concerned about this. You have a difficult mission ahead. Gu Jing! Amanda passed away! Who is Amanda? Amanda is a supermodel. Look! The news feed said her body was found in a river in the countryside. And the biggest mystery is that she should be on vacation in Paris right now. Her assistant has also confirmed that she saw her at the airport. But for some reason she didn’t get on her flight. Is this person famous? Of course! She’s world-famous. This is a show introducing her. Amanda was originally named Xu Lu. In 2013 she debuted as the champion of the International Model Competition. In 2016 she became the most popular Chinese model in Milan Fashion Week. This year, she was elected into the MDC list of supermodels. A while ago Amanda first participated in a variety show and openly stated that she was interested in being an actress. I have to go. Be careful! Captain Zhang the body drifted here from upstream. This is definitely not the immediate crime scene. Remember no matter if she is a celebrity as long as it’s a murder it is important. You have to look into everything carefully. Yes. Wait! Go left for a bit! Stop! Captain Zhang, we found something! Director Li, let me take care of that first. The phone is soaked. There’s no money in the wallet but there’s an identity card. Send it to the evidence room. The two of you should go upstream along this river. Try to learn more about the case. I’ll see you later in the police station. Okay. The two of us should go to the forensics. Certainly. Answer me, Xiao Jing What makes a hero? Do heroes only go on missions, catch culprits and win merits? No. As long as you do something beneficial to the people you are a hero. Young people like you all want to enter the crime squad, solve cases and become detectives. You think the evidence group is just for logistics. You think it’s not challenging nor eye-catching. That’s also incorrect. All jobs are eye-catching. As long as you work seriously your job will become challenging. The time of death is approximately between nine to twelve last night. Her death was caused by tracheal rupture. Judging by the edge of the wound she was stabbed by something sharp. We did not find any diatoms in her lungs so it can be determined that she was already dead when she was thrown into the river. These wounds on her body were also made after her death. She probably hit some rocks in the river. That’s how these wounds were made. There are no obvious signs of fighting before death. How strange. This person should be in Paris right now. But now we found her in a river in the countryside. Of course it’s strange. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about this bracelet. What’s with the bracelet? Don’t you think this bracelet doesn’t match the victim’s identity as a supermodel? Also all the other accessories on the victim are gone. There ain’t even a coin in her wallet. Therefore I think this is a strange murderer. What is so strange about the murderer? I can’t think of it right now. If you give me some time so I can slowly think I’m sure I can find out why. He’s trying to trick me again. I’m not! How about this? Investigate this case from the perspective of robbery. Are you saying that you’re giving me this case? Did I say that? Never mind. I think I’ll give it to somebody else. No, no, no! Fine, I’ll go investigate. I’ll ask someone to send you the report later. Thank you. Thank you, Dr Sun. Calm down first. Don’t be so nervous. This happened so suddenly. Everybody is asking me about it. But I really don’t know anything! I just accompanied her to the airport. I left directly after that. I didn’t do anything! Please believe me! I really didn’t do anything. We… We didn’t say you did something. You’re just assisting our investigation. Calm down first. Stop crying. You’re making it like we’re forcing you. I heard that you made that girl cry. I’m the one who want to cry now. How did it go? Apart from money she also lost a limited edition watch endorsed by Xu Lu. It looks like this. Apart from this watch are there any other clues? Xu Lu is very secretive with her life. She had always refused to hire an assistant. The currently assistant was assigned to her by her agency a year ago. But she still never trusted the assistant. Do you know that her assistant hadn’t even go to her house? Apart from official stuff she doesn’t know anything about Xu Lu’s life. I flipped through her profile. Her parents passed away when she was little. Her stepfather is also missing. That’s why she’s a really secretive and insecure person. Her assistant said Xu Lu doesn’t have any friends at all. Xu Lu is so pretty. But she doesn’t have a boyfriend nor a girlfriend. She doesn’t even own a pet. This is so strange! Can’t we talk about something useful? Her mobile phone’s date can be recovered tomorrow. We can learn more about her social relationships and who she last contacted before the incident. That is good news. Not only should we get information from her mobile service provider also check the social media applications in her phone. I get it. Anything else? I need to go. Don’t forget to return the evidence. Of course I won’t forget. Who are you? I should be the one asking. Are you alright? Hey, wake up! Ke JiaMing! Delete that! Ke JiaMing! You… Wake up! Wake up! Are you that female patient? Passing… out… after… kissing… What the heck is this? I… accidentally… kissed… a… colleague… What’s wrong with me? What are you doing here? I… I… Nothing. I’m just going out for a walk. Going for a walk. Tang… Tang YiXiu, where are you going? Gu Jing! Gu Jing! Gu Jing! Did you listen to me? Somebody said online that Amanda’s death was supernatural. Look! They say that she was killed by an alien and thrown back from Paris. Somebody took a picture of a U.F.O. in France too. It sounds so real. Somebody even saw her on her flight. Really? Can you help me look up if there were aliens in America three years ago? Maybe I was a victim too. If you post fake information online and was shared by more than 500 people you could be arrested. How did you get so serious all of a sudden? Oh, yes. are there any updates about the case? Firstly, I’m not in charge of detective work. Secondly before the case closes I cannot disclose any information to people irrelevant to the case. Rules are rules. I just want to know some gossips. How boring. How cold. How can you get a date like that? Are you going to lecture your date about the penalty for sexual harassment before kissing? Why are you blushing? Something’s going on. Something is definitely going on. Why did you blush when I mentioned kissing? They kissed right at the door. I never knew Tang YiXiu was capable of this. That’s unimportant. The key is, who’s the girl? Who is she? There’s a new girl at the evidence group called Gu Jing. Have you heard? Tang YiXiu told me her girlfriend doesn’t use any social media apps at all. There are no pictures of her online. At first I thought he was just babbling. I found out later that Gu Jing actually fits all of these descriptions. There are no information online. Really? All the girls out there love taking selfies. No wonder Tang YiXiu always hid his girlfriend from us. She’s our colleague! Ke JiaMing! I’ve got to go. Why are you so nervous? I’m not nervous. We just found a new clue. Xu Lu has a rival that everybody knows. On the material date she was also at the airport. I’m going to find her with ZiCheng. Okay, get going then. There’s one more thing. I didn’t know you could keep secrets so well. What secret? I’ve heard about it. About that new girl at the evidence group. I recognize her. Her exam results were exceptionally good. How did you get the girl? What? Stop saying that. There’s no such things. Stop lying. You can tell me everything. Let me tell you I am your tutor. That means I am your senior. After the case closes arrange dinner with her. I’m older than you. I need to know about her. Keep that in mind. Ke JiaMing… Mr. Xing When were the evidence of Xu Lu’s case registered? Last night. Why do you ask? Did Tang YiXiu delivered them? Of course they were delivered by the officer in charge. That’s his responsibility. Xiao Gu You should know about the rules of the evidence group by now. This is unacceptable. Do more revision. Good. Wow. Great, let’s take a break. How many shots do we have left? Two. Two? Please help me re-apply my makeup later. Also redo my hair. Over here. Hello. We are from the crime squad of the Nan Ao City Police. Please cooperate with us. Are you here for Amanda? My agent already told me about it. Can you tell us your itinerary three days ago, i.e. on the 14th? Hadn’t my agent answer you about my itinerary on the 14th? Why did you wait here for 2 hours to ask something so redundant? Let me tell you directly, then. At 1 p.m. on the 14th were you at the airport? So what if I went to the airport? So what if I didn’t? What? Do you think I killed Amanda? Please cooperate with our investigation. Policemen these days look quite hot. I am aware of that. But answer me first. Why do I have to? I want to ask you instead: why is it my business that Amanda died? Everybody knows you’re not on good terms with Amanda. Somebody witnessed an argument between you and Amanda a few days ago. You also said some quite fierce words. I do want her to die. It serves her right. I can tell you that. But you can’t arrest me because of this. Mr. Policeman I said just now that we just want to learn more about Amanda. Let me ask you again Did you see the victim at the airport at 1 p.m. on the 14th? Yes, I saw her. What happened at that time? She got off her car with her assistant. She then entered the airport with her luggage. Is that all you know? YouYou, hurry up! This is all I know. Are you so thirsty? Do you think YouYou is being honest? Women nowadays are so direct. Hello. May I ask if Tang YiXiu is here? Are you Gu Jing? Yes. YiXiu is out for a case. That’s her. Come here, sit down and wait. He’ll be back soon Come on in. Give her some snacks. Those are mine! Ask YiXiu to pay you. That makes sense. Do you want a drink? No, thank you. Take this! Really, no. How about this? I’m not hungry, thank you. YouYou is suspicious but it’s not quite possible that she completed the murder alone. What are you doing here? Tang YiXiu, I need to talk to you.

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