★ Starcraft 2 – Heart of the Swarm – The Movie Extended Cut – ALL HD Cinematics & MORE!

★ Starcraft 2 – Heart of the Swarm – The Movie Extended Cut – ALL HD Cinematics & MORE!

If Dougan Wants More Subtitles He Gonna Have to Pay Me More Money [radio chatter] [who is reading this] I am the Swarm. Armies will be shattered. Worlds will burn. [pew pew] [Wilhelm Scream] Now at last on this world vengeance shall be mine For I am the Queen of Blades. [GASP] [heavy breathing]

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  1. Considering I played this campaign years ago, I'm actually impressed they produced this many/much cut scenes. Had no idea it was literally an hour.

  2. Man that was excellent, I'm blown away by the superb work and detail in this movie

  3. WTF… this one of the best story game cinematics I had ever watched!!! and I just got to see it after 6 years! Better than any love story in today's time!

  4. The girl is sick and needs help in the movie and keep fighting the people that try to help get back to the way she is and from try to rule the world instead of working together as people of the earth and universe should work!!!

  5. despite its flaws..better then many big budget movies these days…
    that said…..so much in it thats either sc2 universe contradicting ,or character contradicting or just..urgh..stupid…its tragic, after all.. you all remember how badass the cerebrates was ,wich basicly is what the pointlessly humanoid looking isha creature is a substitute for etc.

  6. I remember the first time I played starcraft with my dad when I was in first grade in the late 90's.. I watched him until he let me play too.

  7. Lord I turn all my worlds on so be it girl I know General Lee daughter but I can tell 🤔😜🇺🇸

  8. If you gots to tell the people your name after claiming to be their emperor, you ain't their emperor

  9. As an old school sci-fi buff from the days of lore, growing up reading Roddenberry, Greg Bear, Asimov, and others, I am enthralled‼️…I was never a gamer growing up poor, my parents couldn't even afford Atari, and so I was never exposed to anything but books, & they were free to read, so books kept my imagination of off world's, different races, and genetic military enhancements alive….now being 50 years young, I have wandered into the realm of sci-fi short films by DUST, and CG bros, and by association, have discovered the HALO saga, and in two nights have watched every [email protected] I'm utterly amazed and happy at this new finding….finally my mind can be at home again with the thrill of worlds and battles unknown!!!….tonight I watch the Star Craft movie and it looks just as appealing and exciting…now , as an old man, I understand the exuberance of the youth that has succeeded me with gaming and the direction CG has traversed through the decades…….I. Would like to sincerely thank all the youth, and generations of people out there that have created this beautiful and entertaining expansion of the mind for me to enjoy….I know I'm late to the party…but I finally made it,..and I'm "home"

  10. ето просто фильм повний фильм хто любить star craft 2 то жми лайк

  11. If I had a dollar for every douche in the comment section who posted “still a better love story then twilight”

  12. Kerrigan. So much beauty. So much power. All that intelligence. And yet, rife with tragedy and sorrow. It's difficult to see her as the bad guy. Even after she was first infected and became the queen, I was still a bit smitten by her character. I'm glad to see this time she had something of a good ending. She even got her humanity back.

    Poor Jim though. Lost the love of his life a second time. But that is the cross many of us men bear.

  13. loved this intro the most. gives me the chills. although i still preferred the toss and terran campaigns lol

  14. Holy Crap ! I'm watching this and it's just incredible. Never heard of it before. The HD is so clear. I'm blown away. Such imagination and creativity.

  15. she said what are you people doing here !!! jajajaj Big flaw the Aliens in that fleet look like an alien ship, didn't look like people….

  16. "I moved heaven and earth to bring you back Sarah. I can't watch you throw it away all for revenge. I never gave up on you Sarah, Don't you give up on us" When a man commits, his loyalty knows no bounds.

  17. Đen khi tra tren mang có chinh mã len kim cuong vs dầu ấy lúc đó mình mới choi win lun, đánh lần 7 nước đã

  18. I see way to many similarities between the zerg and the tyranids from warhammer 40k but I think the tyranids scare me more than the zerg

  19. Loved it. Fantastic story, realy enjoyed this. A animation movie of this should be made. Could watch these all day.

    👍👍👍👍👍THUMBS UP👍👍👍👍👍

  20. Hello 2019. Starcraft 1 was and is my favorite game of all time. Starcraft 2 was just for my heart. I never experienced a game with a better story than Starcraft. Love, loyalty, hate, betrayal, death, love. That story is beauty in its purest form.

  21. Just now realised that Stukov is also Marcus from Borderlands. Now wonder i got the feeling that whole time that Stukov wanted to sell me a gun…

  22. ¡¡No entiendo !! Es una pelicula o es un video juego?! .. si es una pelicula me gustaria verlo completo se ve buenisimooo

  23. I watched the preview in another video, all the while I was thinking, this would be a good movie. Then this video popped up. This is the way.

  24. Ill be doing up when we get passed legal restraint then the world is ours my game engine and environment will be testing febuary

  25. fuck me sideways. I always thought they should've made a Starcraft movie. After seeing this I think they need to make a TV series. There's no way a single movie could possibly cover all this material.

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