► hope + josie | who is your heart beating for? (2×06)

► hope + josie | who is your heart beating for? (2×06)

You have photos in your home of someone you don’t recognize Feels like you should know them, but you don’t How did you know that? We’ve all forgotten people? [both laughing] It’s your time, Hope. Who is she? How is it we both forgot the same person? They don’t know what we were to each other. It would break Josie’s heart. You wanna protect her from heartbreak. And I’m just afraid that if I tell them she’s gonna hate me forever. [both chanting] I had a crush on you. Well, I had a crush on Josie for a week when we were 14 You had a crush on me? Of course I did. Who wouldn’t? Hope’s family was missing a piece of their life, too. I needed to see that for myself so I would stop being so selfish. [Josie chanting in Japanese] Take my hand.

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  1. This is so damn soft and beautiful!!! You slayed and I love them ❤️❤️ I'm so happy they confirmed bi hope! Also in two universes they had crushes on each other! I'm not saying meant to be but… Meant to be!! 😍😍😍

  2. OMG HONEY this is so damn beautiful, I love it so much. It makes me wanna catch up on Legacies. Your editing is always so smooth and pretty!

  3. Okey.. This is the edit I really needed so I would let in those hosie feels after 2×06..thank you for this ❤️ it's amazing

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