मधुमेह को कण्ट्रोल करें बंदरों की जीवनशैल्ली से II CONTROL DIABETES MONKEY WAY

Welcome to health care at home Couple of days back we’ve started a series of “Animopathy” which means treatment though animals This is something really new Diabetes, India is the capital of diabetes It means maximum number of diabetes patients belongs to India What if I say that your sugar level can be controlled if we follow our ancestors i.e Monkeys So if I say that if you’ll follow monkeys then your sugar level will be in control And if your sugar levels are high then it will be reverse So it may possible that you don’t believe on it, that how can it happen But of-course it can happen Ask yourself that whether monkeys suffers from diabetes ? You’ll say that you don’t know If monkeys would have suffer from diabetes then they would have all the complications like kidney failure, blindness & heat attack should happen with them But we haven’t seen such problems in monkeys It means monkeys don’t suffer from diabetes So if we become monkeys then we would also not suffer from diabetes And those who are suffering it will be reverse How How to follow monkeys, let me tell you because its very easy Monkeys sleeps on tree and after awaking they eat the fruits of that tree There is specialty in monkeys that keep jumping on one tree to another tree that means they eat variety of fruits So what we have to do, after awaking and getting freshen up we’ve to eat variety of fruits Now you must be thinking that your dr had told you to not to eat fruits Let me tell you basis on latest research, sugar form fruits is called fructose And the sugar level which we measure in our body is called blood glucose And the fruits we have eaten that gives us fructose It is noticed that fructose balance the blood glucose in your body Which means it maintains your blood sugar level So surely your dr had instructed you to not to eat fruits of certain fruits If eating fruits increases diabetes then, diabetes level of monkeys should be high because they eat fruits only Also they have eaten maximum and variety of fruits So just relax and eat fruits because there will be no rise in your blood sugar Initially your body might not be ready for the fruits and sugar level might get high but need not to worry Be regular because within few days only fructose will decease the blood sugar level So first of all we have to eat fruits after we awake How much ? Let me tell you a simple method. you have to eat fruits in good quantity Our stomach should be full with fruits then only we have to take breakfast Eat fruits in 10th part of your body weight If your weight is 60 kg then you must eat 600 gms fruits If you eat 600 gms then your stomach will be almost full After that you can whatever you have as per your choice But make sure that your stomach should be filled with fruits Since we are talking about monkeys,what next do the monkeys do They keep on jumping from one tree to another Which means they do continuous workout Similarly you have to active most of the time, do maximum exercise Secondly, monkeys stays in sunshine and they don’t even wear clothes Sunshine is necessary for our body, if we want to follow monkeys Then it is necessary for us to say in sunshine for 30 to 45 mins if you will stay in sunshine then it will vanish lot of health problems of yours So for following monkeys, first of all eat fruits Eat variety of fruits and that too in lot of quantity After that you must in sunshine also do yoga etc which means be active the way monkeys are active You can do jogging, yoga, walking, running . you have to improve the blood circulation of your body the way monkey does and improves his blood circulation If you’ll remain active then your blood circulation will be improved This way your sugar level will start come under level automatically Secondly, monkey eat raw food all the time Even when he’s not on trees that time also he eats raw vegetables only If I’ll tell you to eat raw vegetable then you’ll complain on this way of living Ok,don’t eat raw vegetables As i told you to eat fruits 10th part of your body weight so do one thing half the quantity i.e 300 gm Eat 300 gm of raw vegetables and that too which you eat easily you can eat radish, onion, tomato and cucumber. But make sure that you eat them before having food Eat 300 gm raw vegetables prior the lunch and then eat lunch of your choice Same procedure should be followed with dinner Because monkey eats raw vegetables only But you can’t do that so if you’ve eaten 300 gm raw vegetables/salad After that eat the dinner of your choice If you’ll follow these rules then you’ll notice that the medicine you were taking for the blood sugar You’ll need not to take it anymore Because now your sugar level will be normal without it too There is one more thing on which you might not be agreed easily But you have to agree because if we are following animopathy then we have to follow it properly Monkey doesn’t drink any other animals milk What you have to do is that you should stop consuming different types of milk and products during this period If you’ll not consume milk products, stay in sunshine and will be active You’ll eat fruits and raw vegetables Follow monkey in animopathy and that too the wild monkey Keep his activity in your mind and follow it Then the problem of sugar, diabetes will be completely in control Finally you’ll be able to control the diabetes without the medicine too And we want that the world should be medicine free Rather you always stay healthy by following natural procedures like animals Apart form that If you have any query, you can contact me on whatsapp My number is 9082130828 Just leave the voice note and do not call because I’ll not be able to attend the call If you want any other information i’ll revert back you on whatsapp We wish that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. 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