تجربتي الشخصيه لعلاج السكري بالغذاء – قسم 1

تجربتي الشخصيه لعلاج السكري بالغذاء – قسم 1

My Experience Treating Diabetes with Food, pt. 2 Hello, and welcome to “Your Food is Your Remedy” channel. This video will be a bit different; I will talk about my personal experience with type II diabetes, healing with food and my experience losing weight. The first phase of the disease – the search for solutions: I have diabetes type II for more than ten years. The type of work and the way of life affects the blood sugar levels of diabetic people drastically. So I followed my doctor’s’ instructions and used the medication on a regular basis. Of course, I used the most used medication for diabetes, metformin or Glucophage, but I did not exercise. After a year or two of being diabetic I participated in a gym and then I became very interested in healthy food. I have read, studied and compared many diets that follow very low carbohydrates. I found what suits me personally. I can talk about this experience in another video. The feeling of victory and overcoming the disease: For two years, I succeeded in living a healthy lifestyle. I say a way of life and I do not say diet. Because who follows a harsh diet will relapse after a short time, and many of us have gone through such an experience. During these two years, I lost about 50 pounds. Almost at a rate of 2 pounds per month. At the same time, I loved the food I ate and ate until I was full. The most important thing in my diet was to balance everything but without sugar and very little starches and dairy. And also I do not want to forget the subject of allergies to some foods and food intolerance because it is a very important stage of my weight loss. God willing, I will also talk about this subject with another video. During these two years, my physical and mental health was in good a shape. I was happy, energetic and optimistic. I was also very productive at home and at work. The period of relapse – the impact of psychological state on the disease: But, as usual, things change. After that, I went through a very difficult period in my personal life. I lost my balance and even my ability to think right. It’s like I do not know anything about diabetes diet. Sometimes a person does not have the ability to apply the right thing, even though he knows it. This is what happened to me during that period of time. I started to eat everything bad for me. The right thing to say, I was reaping everything in front of me, like a bulldozer. The food was relaxing and comforting me at that stage of my life. Of course, my trust in God is strong but we are human beings and a person weakens sometimes. Of course, I no longer practiced sports. When I started regaining myself I had increased about 36 pounds. My A1C level has risen very high. My doctor tried to help me and worked with me to add other drugs with metformin. At first, she added a second drug, then a third drug, but the result was not satisfactory. This is the highest level of A1C in my medical history. As you can see it reached 11. This number is very high and dangerous. Swinging phase – going from one drug to another: I changed several kinds of medications and then I used Victoza injections daily. I had very bad side effects from Victoza, but my blood sugar started to get lower and I lost some weight. But again after several months, the injections stopped working for me. I had to stop Victoza and go back to three types of medicine again. Then after a couple of months, I started to feel very tired and began to breathe heavily. I knew it was the side effects of the medication. I said I could tolerate it in order to lower blood sugar, although my blood sugar did not decrease significantly with the new drugs. One day I woke up with very severe pain in the middle of my back. It was difficult for me to breathe. I knew it was a symptom of one of the medication. I was sure after reading the symptoms of this drug. Of course, I decided to stop taking it right away. When I consulted my doctor she confirmed it. At this point, I decided not to take the two new drugs and only take metformin. And, God willing, I will soon give it up as well. I started a new journey in my healthy life. In the next video, I will continue to explain my experience with diabetes and how my life has changed due to food remedies. Share your opinions! Subscribe to the channel! Thank you for watching and see you in part 2.

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  1. اختي تجربتك قيمة جدا وشكرا على المشاركة … جعلها الله في ميزان حسناتك

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