It may take us a
not in the most convenient locations, and not in the most suitable
time! Diarrhea causes it origin and methods
elimination! Hello, my darlings!
Diarrhea always comes unexpectedly and at the most inopportune
moment. Well, if it It occurs when you are
at home, but often occurs otherwise. It is based on
intestinal malabsorption liquid. The most common
diarrhea reason – sharp intestinal infections (bacteria
– E. coli, salmonella, dysentery bacteria,
Vibrio cholerae; viruses – Rotaviruses, adenoviruses,
enteroviruses and protozoa – Giardia, dysentery
amoeba). In addition, diarrhea can trigger food
allergies; allergic drug reactions; intolerance
number of products; emotional overvoltage; abuse
alcohol, laxatives or various fruits.
For acute infectious diarrhea common characteristic
malaise, fever, lack of appetite, sometimes
vomiting. If in the stool there was an admixture of blood,
then this symptom indicates damage to the mucous
shell intestinal pathogens microbes, and it is serious
reason to immediately seek medical
help. Remember that some cases, diarrhea may
be a sign of a very serious diseases
requiring treatment urgent hospitalization.
The duration of diarrhea It depends on the cause of the disease.
Acute diarrhea continues from a few days to three
weeks. Chronic diarrhea, almost always lasts more
three weeks. When bowel disorder
always questions – What to do and how to be treated?
First of all, do not be nervous ahead of time and remember
that the basic unpleasant and the most dangerous consequence
diarrhea – it’s dehydration organism. diarrhea Treatment
at home always It begins with diet. Drink
It is recommended as a possible bigger, better alkaline
mineral water without gas. The liquid coming from the outside,
offset such loss with loose stool. Wherein
In no case can not be drink alcoholic beverages
and Energy. If the hand no mineral water, then
You can make most medical solution should be for this
dissolve in a liter of boiling water 1 teaspoon sugar
and a pinch of salt. strained carrot juice – too bad
for the treatment of choice. He can accelerate the healing process,
quickly make up for the lack of Electrolytes and minerals
lost during diarrhea. Food for diarrhea should not
overload the intestines. Problem here it is
that fatigue diarrhea intestines need to rest.
Start of weak chicken broth. If the organism
it takes, you can proceed to another, bole dense food.
Medicinal Products under rice and diarrhea are considered
bananas. possibly you should try to use
only them. If you really want to eat, to cook rice,
but it is better to use paste, which is formed
wherein. suitable only refined cereals. If
take crude, diarrhea worse. Cook rice
It should be no less than 40 minutes after boiling on low
fire. Eating rice thus prepared
way to strengthen the intestines. Besides rice needed for diarrhea
eat bananas. Two – four bananas a day will help
enough to eat. It is best to use
they did not immediately have a medical the effect will be more pronounced.
In the period of the disease and the first a few days after it,
completely excluded from the your diet acute,
salty, fried, smoked food, drinks,
canned carbonated beverages, coffee, chocolate.
With regard to medical treatment. In mild
diarrhea, for the prevention dehydration apply
drugs such as Regidron and touring. Content
packet dissolved in 1 liter boiled water, cooled
to room temperature and take small
sips after each loose stool 200ml. Also
appointed enveloping means adsorbents which
adsorbed and removed from the organism viruses, pathogenic
bacteria, toxins, intestinal gases. This medication: Activated
coal (drink 1 -2 grams 4 times a day, dissolved
tablets in 0.5 liters of boiled water), Smecta (drink 1 sachet
3 times a day, dissolved content in 0.5 liters of boiled
water), Polyphepan (drink 1 tablespoon 3 times
day, diluted in 100ml of water). They are used for 1 hour before
food and medication, in within 3-7 days. To stop
most diarrhea appointed drugs such as Imodium
or loperamide. However, when acute intestinal infections
their use is contraindicated, since they interfere
removing some toxins thus contributing to aggravation
mucosal lesions bowel and burden for
disease. In the treatment of diarrhea can be
use drugs plants with bactericidal,
astringent, anti-inflammatory action. dried flowers
chamomile brewed as follows way: one tablespoon
spoon for one cup of boiling water. Insist within four
thermos hours, after which filter. Drink two
4 tablespoons of times day after meals.
Blueberries: 1-2 teaspoonfuls tablespoons dry berries fill
glass of boiled water, cooled and take 4 times per day.
Decoction of oak bark, fruits alder, root burnet:
2 table spoons of plants pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, boil
20 minutes, cooled, and taken 2 tablespoons 4 times
in a day. To restore the body
after diarrhea should not forget diet, eat
enough liquid, take vitamins,
to refrain from physical loads, ensure normal
psycho-emotional state. In the process of recovery
It recommended to exclude from the diet of fatty and spicy
products. To avoid diarrhea, observe
simple rules: wash hands after using the toilet and before
food; do not abuse alcohol and drink only
boiled water. Do not be ill! Write comments
and subscribe to the channel! I wish you health!

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